Why Kettlebells ?

Why Kettlebells?  Kettlebells provide a variety of motions, movement patterns, and energy pathways that can be engaged.   Longevity is often overlooked in trendy, high intensity routines so it is important to circle your training back to what matters most—building, strengthening, and preserving the body, not breaking it down.  Kettlebells are one of the most beneficial tools for this .

According to a 2010 American Council of Exercise study, twenty minutes of kettlebell exercise burned an average of 272 calories. That’s expending a phenomenal 20.2 calories per minute. Kettlebell exercises burn more calories in less time compared to more traditional workout regimens. When training with the kettlebell it requires you to engage multiple muscle groups.  Kettlebell training also requires very little space.   With kettlebell swings you can achieve a similar cardiorespiratory effect and calorie burn as a three-mile run, with the added benefit of strength training. 

Let’s talk cardio and strength training!  The term cardio is often interchangeable with aerobic exercise, generally a steady-state, low-to-intermediate-intensity exercise regimen that uses fat as its energy fuel—which is a quicker-burning fuel than carbs. Some examples include jogging, fast walking, hiking, using an elliptical machine, or taking an aerobics class. While this form of exercise begins to use mostly fat as fuel approximately twenty-five minutes into the workout, it has little effect on fat burning after the exercise is done. In contrast,  strength training, or anaerobic exercise, has an incredible metabolic effect on the body after the session is complete and for a potential twenty-four to forty-eight hours afterward. Another benefit of strength training the muscle starts to eat away at the fat, because muscle tissue is more metabolically active and therefore requires more energy (calories) to live. Basically, when you have lean muscle tissue, your body burns more energy, or calories, throughout the day—it’s a wonderful combination of  training with Kettlebell Kickboxing exercises. Another added benefit to Kettlebell Kickboxing is that it incorporates the martial arts motion for mobility, creating the ultimate training program!  So, what are you waiting for?  Try a Kettlebell Kickboxing Class, Home Fitness Programs or our Online Training!


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