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First of all we would like to thank you for your interest regarding Canadian KB wholesale. Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ Home Fitness Series has had an amazing journey receiving consistent and incredible feedback from our customers and our wholesale partners.

Many online and retail stores across the world carry our home fitness programs.

So, if you are looking to add a new functional, fun and effective product to your store? Kettlebell Kickboxing provides numerous wholesale options of our DVD’s and merchandise for your retail or online store. Please contact Info@KettlebellKickboxingCanada.com   for pricing and full details.

ABSolute ABS- No Kettlebell

Join me in a little exercise: Let’s begin at the end. How do you see yourself in 7 days from now? In 4 weeks? How about six months from now? Take a moment and visualize it…now you do not have a kettlebell but this can be your first STEP- no kettlebell needed!


Kettlebell ABSolute ABS

Okay… Go ahead and sweat it out with these Kettlebell Exercises that will challenge and engage your core Strength!

– Warm Up and Cool Down Included
– 20 minutes of exercises that use a kettlebell – want to challenge yourself, increase your kettlebell weight


ABSolute ABS

‘Cardio’ workouts will not be enough to burn belly fat. Strength training increases muscle mass, and because muscle needs more energy to live, you will in turn burn more fat (belly fat included). We have included 3 workouts you can do anywhere with very little space!


Scorcher Series

Best workout of your life in under 30mins

4-Disc Heart pumping program • KB Best Seller for 5 years running! • Burn 800 Plus Calories in 30 minutes or less
KB 101; Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Options • Kettlebell Education • Weight-loss, Sculpt, Lean


KB Body Series

Ideal for complete KB beginners, for weight-loss and those new to fitness

11-Disc Body Breakdown Program • Use a kettlebell or dumbbell to get strong & lean from home • Workouts ranging from 25 – 50 minutes. KB 101; Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Options • Kettlebell Education • Weight-loss, Sculpt, Lean


7 Day Lean Series

You don’t even need a kettlebell. Best non-weighted workout – high impact and low intensity – amazing results.

7 Amazing, No-Equipment Workouts • Strength, Mobility, Cardio, High-Intensity & Zero Impact • Comes with a complete 85 pg Nutrition Program


Scorcher Series 2.0

If you love tabata workouts you’ll love this one.If you love a smart challenge this program is for you.

2 Heart Pumping Workouts & Bonus 45min kettlebell beginner DVD • Burn 800 plus calories in under 40 mins


Kettlebell Complex ‘Melt Down’ Series

If you love kettlebell progressions and flows, and want to build an incredible strong and beautiful body this program is for you. 

7 Amazing, No-Equipment Workouts • Strength, Cardio, High-Intensity & Zero Impact • Comes with a complete 85 pg Nutrition Program



Your Complete KB Strength Progression – Ideal for men & women looking to get stronger. 

7 Workout Program . Get Leaner, Stronger and Out Of Pain In 90 Days. 3 beginner, intermediate, advanced strength programs. 3 HIIT burn sessions. 1 core & ab session. Ideal for men and women looking to get stronger and leaner.


We have successfully sold thousands of DVDs worldwide. Our wholesale affiliates have seen great success and are always returning clients.


DAILY POSTS & WORKOUTS @kettlebellkickboxingcanada

The halo is a great way to train shoulder mobility and develop core stability. Shown here training various levels. Start with a lighter weight to start. Training this will increase upper back mobility that will assist you in daily activities - Quality of Life :)!

How to train this: 👇👇
* Begin in a standing position with good posture. Shoulders should be relaxed and positioned over the hips. Knees should remain straight but soft
* Hold the kettlebell in mid rack position
* Begin by circling to one side. Moving the kettlebell around your head and let the kettlebell drop down behind the neck. Finish the circle by bringing it around the opposite side of your head back to the starting position
* Reverse Direction

Have fun with this!!! Join Us Online KB Live - Anytime - Anywhere 👇👇👇


Or at our KBKB studio @kbkbcanadastudioyqr 2135 Broad Street .

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Regina, Saskatchewan
Working on shoulders & hips today. Now you can start off unloaded or even use a soup can or water bottle that will still allow you to execute the motions!
All complexes can be broke down so you can train in sections so if you are not ready for all of it you can find a part of the complex that you can train!
Find what works for you and start there and be mindful to push yourself out of that comfort zone! You got this:) Enjoy the movements and embrace being able to move instead of feeling like you “have to !”
Have a great day!
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Or @kbkbcanadastudioyqr
2135 Broad Street
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Train to be the Best Version of You! When you first start it’s likely you will have training sessions that feel off especially when you are just getting started. Being consistent will get you to another level and I know from experience with myself and my clients that you will never regret your workout! Training today with a ladder and finishing Strong with our Muay Thai knees! Build to 5 and come back down or strive to get to 10! Add in 60 secs of knees at the end!
💥Full Mobility Swing
💥Mid Rack Squat
💥Clean to Racked Press or Snatch - Repeat L
Have a great sweat with this ! 💪.
What are You Waiting For⁉️
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Regina, Saskatchewan
✨”We Cannot Become What We Want By Remaining What We are “ ✨Max Depree

If you truly want to make changes you have to work at them or else you will always remain the same. They can be little changes, little steps but you have to have forward progress!

Have a great day & I hope today you take time to make positive changes for yourself! 💗J.
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Today exercise is going to your stomach and then stand up and go down to your back ... Easy Right? Now set timer for 30 or 60 seconds. Comment below how you did & if it taught you anything. What I want to teach and show you today that it is a very basic skill for functional mobility & that it may make you Open Your Eyes to the fact that you need to incorporate more functional mobility into your daily training to improve your quality of life :)!!

Look forward to connecting with our Online Training Program👇


Or In the studio @kbkbcanadastudioyqr 👇👇

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Regina, Saskatchewan
Animal movements ! As we train and love the Kettlebell in our hands we do set it aside with our programming! Showing here today lateral movement, cross crawl patterns and dominate hip & knee bending ! I always say on the mats it’s wonderful training your mind but training your mind with your body will increase your performance and your bodies ability to move. You have not only an incredible body but mind body connection, increasing neuromuscular efficiency.
Training here today:
💥Lateral Gorilla
💥Crawling Leopards
💥Bear Crawl
💥Backward Gorilla
💥Spider Crawl
💥Gorilla With Double Kettlebell
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✨Join Us @kbkbcanadastudioyqr for Intro Sessions Tuesday 15- 5:45-6:30! New Class coming :) ! .
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