Weights Matter KB Canada- Just Ask A Super Model

Three Major Strength Training Facts

Burn More Fat: Muscle is more metabolically active then fat. It takes more energy for muscle to live- hence the fact that once you begin a smart strength-training routine your body will become a fat burning machine, even as you sleep.

Burn Stubborn Fat Areas:  The kettlebell will be able to isolate stubborn and in-active areas of your body: no more ‘hard to reach’ fat areas. Kettlebells are ideal for core and posterior chain activation (that includes your butt, legs and back). They will also help you become fitter, stronger, leaner and far more able bodied in your life.

Workout Less: Fact is, women that use weight-training like kettlebells, or dumbbells and body weight (like we show in our KB Scorcher and Body Series DVDs) can workout less and see and maintain far greater results! The main reason- weights have a greater metabolic effect. Giving you a far greater ‘bang’ for your time. The workout has to be structured correctly: check out the KB Scorcher Series – 4 workouts all under 45minutes.

TRY it, we give you a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our home fitness programs, simply because we know that you will be seeing and feeling incredible results.
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Still worried about the so called ‘bulky’ myth? Check out or fav model Elettra Wiedemann in SELF magazine, she has done hundreds of fashion campaigns and worked with major magazines, her choice for working out? Kettlebell Kickboxing…

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