Training Your Athlete With Kettlebells

Combining kettlebell training with body weight training is a great way to enhance your performance. Likewise the purpose of exercise is to increase performance and prevent injuries. Kettlebell Kickboxing had the priviledge of training U16AA Stingers Ringette team! Here in this video we finished off with some team building abs!  One of the great benefits in Kettlebell training is that the core and abs are engaged throughout the training.

Why introduce the kettlebell swing to your athletes?

Simply to increase performance enhancement and to prevent injury! Interestingly enough at a younger age the idea behind hinging verse squatting was already tricky for some. Not being able to hinge means not being able to properly engage the posterior chain of the body. These are the same muscles that help you run and protect you from back weakness during many activities and sports such as ringette. Instead of using your posterior chain some athletes are unintentionally using their knees and lower backs to do all of the work their butt muscles are supposed to do. In sports science we call using a muscle “firing a muscle.” Muscle imbalances and inactive, or weak, muscles come from not being able to fire that muscle during a motion where it’s required. If you’re using your back and knees instead of your glutes, it can lead to knee pain and can eventually cause an injury, as well as back pain, which can then lead to shoulder and neck injury. Reducing the risk of injury on your sports team is ideal!  So no more reasons to ask yourself why use the kettlebell?

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