The Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Kettlebell Kickboxing?

Meet Kari, she is one of our KBIA Instructors. As soon as I met her I knew she had a passion for life and we were so happy  to welcome her to the Kettlebell Kickboxing Family! Written below is her reasons on why she fell in love with the program!


“It was about 5 years ago when I found the Kettlebell Kickboxing website online and ordered the Scorcher Series. I loved the functional, full body fitness approach of the workouts and knew I would love to take the certification one day. However, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get to New York now that I was a mom in high demand. I am so thankful that Jodi has brought Kettlebell Kickboxing to Canada and can’t wait to share it with others!”


The reasons why I have fallen in love with Kettlebell Kickboxing:

  1. All I need is a kettlebell and a little space and time and I can get an amazing full body workout that is way more functional than going to the gym or spending thousands of dollars on equipment!l
  2. It makes strength training FUN and functional!
  3. I get strength, cardio and mobility in one workout!
  4. I don’t have to spend hours training to see amazing results.
  5. The training focuses on health, wellness and longevity instead of weight loss – although weight loss is inevitable with consistency and a healthy diet.
  6. I was wearing orthotics and needed to have running shoes on all day long in my house because my feet were hurting – not any longer, no more orthotics – I am fine in bare feet now, no more aching bones in my feet!
  7. Multilevel workouts challenge every fitness level!
  8. Workouts develop mind body connection and challenge coordination – it is so much fun learning playful movements that the body has not done in a long time – or never done before.  Many of which require a lot of coordination, strength and flexibility, some are hard to begin with – but if you tackle these moves with the mind of a child and just keep doing them the best you can, and be consistent, you soon feel the tightness start to melt away, and a new strength and confidence grow.  
  9. Teaches you to punch and kick with confidence – in the beginning I was not very comfortable punching or kicking but now I love these moves and find they are very empowering.
  10. I love that I can workout in bare feet!
  11. The workouts wake up forgotten muscles and movement patterns, muscles that are turned off in many people because of all the hours we spend sitting – when these muscles are not firing properly people have problems with their hips, knees and low backs.
  12. Many of the high intensity moves are still low impact making it an awesome workout for those who shouldn’t be jumping.
  13. There are lots of great compound movements and flows – the combinations are limitless, you will never get bored!
  14. My flexibility and mobility have increased a lot!
  15. Jodi and Dasha are amazing and inspiring!

Author Kari McQuaid – 2018 KBIA Trainer

If you want to get KBIA Level 1 Certification contact us at Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada

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