Strong Mind ~ Strong Body … Creating Healthy Body Image!

Body Image….is the way that you see yourself and most often is the way you “think” others see you!

Being an educator in the fitness industry and a mom I am inclined to spend some time talking on this issue. We are all so exposed to social media at an intense rate these days and I think education of a healthy body image is essential.  I am not even talking just females I am talking male & female… young and old! It used to be just in magazines we used to pick up or on the tv …but now its in our hands all day long. Beautiful images of people! Most recently talking with my daughter about the affects of social media and the pressure to have a “certain look”.

Kettlebell Kickboxing believes in creating a strong community of people where proper information is accessible to the public. Our belief is a strong mind will help grow a strong body. Teaching and educating both young and old.

I always say when training try to find 1 reason internally reason why you want to get in shape – be healthier.  For example its a common one to train to lose weight, look & feel better. When I say internally I mean for a reason for yourself… example to feel more confident on the inside so when you look in the mirror you can say I feel strong – I like that about myself.

I have given my daughter the 5-5 Morning Routine… this has nothing to do with physical training but mental training. She is to get up in the morning and write down 5 things she likes about herself  and 5 things she is grateful for. Even if you have to repeat things on your list…. get 1o things written down. This is all to be done before opening your phone and looking at any social media. Why before opening social media and why 5 of each???? For this reason..

  • Allows you to ground yourself at the beginning of your day! (may sound super easy- but you may find it interesting how quick you are opening your social media in the am)
  • Even if you have to repeat things that you like about yourself… it forces you to start looking at yourself in a positive light ( 1. nice smile 2. great personality 3. kind 4. great personality 5. great personality!! These are all positive reinforcement!!!!
  • Gratefulness… why grateful ? When you start focusing on what you have and how grateful you are then focus shifts away from negative thoughts.

I have in the past 4 years gotten up and wrote my list of 10 everyday. Yes, I have missed a day here and there but it allows me to maintain a positive outlook on life, ground myself and most importantly remind me to be mindful of the amazing things that are present to me every day. Remember each of us are uniquely different and different is what makes us special… look at those things with love and kindness!

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