KBKB Studio Schedule

Kettlebell Kickboxing (KB) combines the mobility, agility, and longevity principles of martial arts conditioning with the power, strength and versatility of Russian kettlebell training. KB classes run in Regina under CEO Jodi Barrett. Train your cardio, strength and mobility in ONE CLASS!!

KBKB Studio Location: 2135 Broad Street


We train on mats in our bare feet or with gripped socks. Bring water & a smile, we will help you with the Sweat! All classes are called KBKB Studio classes so that you can book into whichever class time and selection you wish! Please watch for class hours on schedule below!





Extra Classes & Events for September:

Intro to Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada (12 sessions plus added bonus of 2) Starting Oct 20, 2020

7-7:45 Tuesday /Thursday $299 plus tax

Kids Fit Class (8 Sessions) Starting November 2 4:15-5:00 $96.00 plus gst ($12/class)

Rewirement Challenge – Starting October 19 – 6 weeks of wellness (You do not have to be a studio member to join in) 6 weeks of kindness, gratitude and self work! Zoom meetings 1x week for 10 mins

Class Descriptions:

  • KBKB Intro Class (Class for anyone wanting to learn the basics and go at a slower pace)
  • KBKB Class (Class for beginner/intermediate/advanced)
  • Session Classes (Class that are sessional or privately booked)


Guidelines for KBKB Studio:

  • Remove footwear at the door to help keep mats clean
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entry and practise social distancing
  • Kettlebells have been sanitized but for extra measure please sanitize your bells before and after training
  • Arrive at class 5-10 prior to training and exit promptly after so that staff can clean for the next group
  • Place all bags in the appropriate change room
  • Smile and do YOUR BEST

Wait List Policy

When we have a waitlist for a class 2 things can take place here:

  1. If there is 6 or more clients wait listed “8 hours” prior to the time , KBKB Studio will run another class 15 mins after the initial class if the schedule allows .
  2. When someone cancels we will contact you via email or text to let you know the spot is available. First person signed up on the list will be contacted first and then second . If contacted you have 5 mins to reply before we go onto the next individual .

Thank you for your dedication to your training with us!

See scheduler to book below!

Pop Up Classes and Certifications will be held throughout Canada

Cancellation Policy : your plans change and you can’t make your KBKB Class anymore don’t fret. If you cancel your class at least eight hours before it starts the credit will be put back in your account.  You can cancel your class by logging into your online profile or emailing info@kettlebellkickboxingcanada.com  KBKB Events are non refundable! You must give 1 month written notice/email for monthly subscription cancellation.  You are in charge of cancelling your membership so please ask for help. Note: You must cancel your subscriptions, Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada is not responsible for subscriptions that have not been cancelled.

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