Using Double Kettlebells

Double Kettlebells



One of my favorite Complexes — Double kettlebells coming at ya with Canada

  • Do 2 mins straight of the complex,
  • Rest
  • Add in 1min of
  • Plank
  • 5 super slow pushUps
  • 1 slow pullUp or flex arm hang
  • Repeat the
  • 2-1-1 four more times!

Double kettlebells! If you double the kettlebell, you can double the fun— and the intensity—of the training.

  • All of the exercises that require double kettlebells will be shown and noted.
  • Make sure that your kettlebells are of the same size and weight.
  • What you can do with two kettlebells, you can always still do with one,

    so don’t worry if you don’t have two kettlebells.

  • You are adding more weight to the mix by doubling up on kettlebells,

    so pay extra attention to form.

  • Generally, double kettlebells are just a bit more advanced than doing

    the move with a single kettlebell, but if you follow the step-by-steps

    in this book, you are good to go!

  • When picking a double kettlebell weight, consider starting with two

    10 or 12 pound kettlebells and then working your way up to two 15 or 20 pound kettlebells.

• Any motions can be connected in a Complex; successions, sequences and combinations

• Some of our favorite combos are above and are liked through the kettlebell clean


The clean is a fundamental kettlebell motion that often serves as a transition to other motions. When you clean the kettlebell, you are swinging the kettlebell back using the form of a kettlebell swing, but you will be breaking the motion the moment the kettlebell begins to come up from behind the legs. As the motion “breaks,” you are going to corkscrew or rotate the kettlebell up to a racked position at your chest.

Our General recommendations for Kettlebell Weight:

  • New to exercise/deconditioned: 10, 12, or 15 lb kettlebells for grinds PLUS your 20–25 lb kettlebell for swings and ballistics
  • Intermediate/active: 15 or 20 lb kettlebells for grinds PLUS your 30–35 lb kettlebell for swings and ballistics
  • Advanced/highly trained/kettlebell-experienced: 20 or 25 lb kettle- bells for grinds PLUS your 35–45 lb kettlebell for ballistics

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- Using Double Kettlebells

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