Candice Kumai

From filming on Top Chef, judging Iron Chef, writing my books and filming on E!, the rest of my time is spent in the kitchen catering to my clients and making new creations for my book. It’s tough to get a workout in, but to be honest, as the author of Cook Yourself Sexy, I know I need to work out – it’s essential for my body and mind. I met Dasha at her Fitness Gala event and we quickly hit it off as friends. In my Gala gift bag was the Scorcher Series DVD, so I began to do it. In weeks I had more energy, I was mentally more clear and my body was staring to look AMAZING (now for a chef, thats BIG).

I was easily able to fit the workouts into my schedule, theScorcher Series sessions are all about 30 minutes of hard earned sweat. Thanks Dasha for creating a fun and attainable way for us professional women to get fit for life!

– Candice Kumai: Author of Cook Yourself Sexy, E! Playing with Fire star, Iron Chef judge & Top Chef contestant

- Candice Kumai

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