Click on any picture to read their journey and see which KB program they used to achieve their weightless and fitness goals.

Kaylan Fisher

Jodi is an amazing teacher. She is honest, knowledgeable and patient. She provided me with direction & guidance while completing... Read More


Sandra Mendez walked into Dasha’s class after trying to find some way to get fit again. Sandra was in the... Read More


First of all I want to thank you for changing my life. I have been part of the KB group... Read More


My name is Eva, I’m 26 and I’m from Poland (currently living in UK). 2010 was my year. I graduated... Read More


I was a gymnast in the early part of my life. Then, I stopped training after high school and began... Read More


Dasha puts so much time and energy into making the workouts instructional, challenging, motivational and fun. It’s impossible to be... Read More


With Kettlebell Kickboxing™ I have lost over fourty pounds! (and still going strong). It is hard to lose weight, keep... Read More


After the birth of our second son I was tipping the scales at 230 pounds. I knew I needed to... Read More


I was on vacation with my best friend, and she was looking amazing in her bikini. I asked her what... Read More


My son Nate bought me Dasha’s DVDs. At first I was a bit worried because everyone looked so much younger... Read More


“I’ve been doing Kettlebell Kickboxing for the past two years, and I love it. It has helped me lose weight,... Read More


I love all of my KB programs, I have them all, the training methods and programs weightless and fitness goals.I... Read More


It takes forever for me to lose a pound. I tried different routines, gyms, working out at home, but I... Read More

Margot Bingham

HBO’s Margot Bingham gets Red Carpet and Movie Ready with 7 Day Lean When I travel I took the DVDs... Read More

Camile Ford

It works! Kettlebell Kickboxing with Dasha had me addicted within the first 15 minutes! They say it’s all about location,... Read More

Megan Hilty

Something I look forward to! The woman that created this fitness method is a fitness inspiration not only to me,... Read More


Kriszta lost her weight and got toned, healthy and strong by using a program and having patience to get her... Read More


Lauren Made her progress with our home fitness program the KB Body and scorcher series. “I feel like I have... Read More


Today I’m going to talk about my personal struggle with losing the baby weight after both my pregnancies…I’m suffering from the... Read More

Candice Kumai

From filming on Top Chef, judging Iron Chef, writing my books and filming on E!, the rest of my time... Read More


The first two photos were taken a few days ago and the last one was taken about 6 months back.... Read More

Eva Mireles

I started consistently doing the scorcher series 3xs a week in March (it’s only been 3 weeks and here are... Read More

Joanne Nosuchinsky

I met Dasha when she was hired to get me ready for Miss NY USA. It was an amazing journey... Read More

Maria Acre

Dasha’s method is soundproof and her attitude and teaching method is authentic and real. Her DVDs and home programs are... Read More


After doing the 7 Day Cleanse this past week, I have gone from 142 lbs to 133.4! The 7 Day... Read More


At the time I started the KB Body Series Challenge Dasha posted on instagram I had been already been working... Read More


I’m 59 years old and I’m on day six of the 7 day lean and I’ve lost 5 pounds. I’ve... Read More


Hello! I am a 43 year old mother of four girls and one boy, their ages range from 25-13 and... Read More


The before is when I first started the 60 day challenge way back in the fall. The after is as... Read More


I’ve lost over 25lbs with the Kettkebell Kickboxing Body Series program and still going strong! It’s definitely one of the... Read More


My journey has been a long and steady one. I started at 209 the heaviest I had ever been my... Read More


When I did my first Kettlebell Kickboxing Body Series DVDs it was pure excitement! We loved having Dasha, Jenel &... Read More


I started doing the Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series DVDs in order to prep for my wedding. I found the series... Read More


Dasha is a wonderful instructor & excellent motivator. I have fallen in love with the Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series DVDs.... Read More


Dasha!! Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for your Body Series DVDs I would have never felt this confident... Read More


I’ve done it. I have lost 15 pounds and gained strength, both mental and physical strength. I truly feel better... Read More


After losing 81 pounds I needed to find a workout to help maintain my weight loss. The minute I started... Read More

DAILY POSTS & WORKOUTS @kettlebellkickboxingcanada

As KbkbCANADA evolves the one thing that remains the same is our commitment to lead our clients through our programming. Focussing on fitness as a whole!
The program encompasses strength, cardio & mobility at your own ability while using the human movement pillars .
Our mission is to help you grow stronger individually so that together we can help build up our communities; making them strong, open-minded, self aware, and confident.

Thank you to clients such as @juleenguyen 💖💖💪who have embraced our program & our community!

How to get involved with us???
💥Training in Studio, Online or get certified!
💥Join us in Studio 2135 Broad Street @kbkbcanadastudioyqr OR use our Easy to Use Online Training Platform !

💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers .

Video Credit: the incredible @saskskyhigh

#mobility #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #kettlebell #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #grateful
✨Ways to train your push up while using the kettlebell!!
For your start you will work first always on your success without adding in the kettlebell, once you have established form you can begin to implement the kettlebell!
▪️Single Hand on handle
▪️Single Hand under handle on belly
▪️Single Hand on belly with kB tipped
▪️Two Hands on belly on tipped kB
▪️Two Hands on handle
▪️Two Hands Bottoms Up on the base
▪️Two Hands on belly balancing kB
▪️You can Keep Going .. adding in 2 kB!!
Enjoy training with the kettlebell! 💖J

Let us guide you with you kettlebell training ⬇️
Online or in Studio ⬇️ Or Get Certified (February dates COMING)

💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers .

#mobility #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #kettlebell #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #grateful
#pushup #pushupkettlebell
Strength and mobility lies within your body, yes each will look differently for everyone but it’s there, you just have to work for it. Watch through as I show beginner, advanced then intermediate(also can modify more by executing from the knees for the push ups and for the leopard crawls! ) Get your body used to rolling again, as it’s a great way to move- just because you are an adult you still roll - our bodies remember are meant to MOVE!

Let us guide you with you kettlebell training ⬇️
Online or in Studio @kbkbcanadastudioyqr ⬇️ Or Get Certified (February dates COMING)
Links in bio ✅
💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers

#mobility #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #kettlebell #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #grateful
Regina, Saskatchewan
So excited to be collaborating with this #bossbabe this January!!! As we focus on Fitness as a whole, we know the importance of stretching, rolling those incredible muscles you are building!! Click link in bio to sign up for our Foam Rolling Session - open to members of @kbkbcanadastudioyqr & non members!!

Happy Sunday!!!.

Repost from


Have a tight 🍑!?! 😜

Tight glutes can lead to
-low back pain
-piriformis syndrome
-hip pain
-hip impingement
& many more!

Foam rolling is an excellent way to help relieve pain and tension or help to warm up your glutes!

In my video I’m using the Intelliroll foam roller! @intelliroll

I love it because it contours to my body and doesn’t put unwanted pressure on my spine. I prefer deep tissue pressure so the Intelliroll is my preferred foam roller because it is made of ABS pipe, which is harder than PVC!

I’m collaborating with Jodi @kettlebellkickboxingcanada @kbkbstudiocanadayqr this month in Regina, SK! We are hosting a “work the Glute roll the Glute” class! 🍑

I will be teaching an introductory foam roll class after Jodi kicks your 🍑 with her kettlebell kickboxing class! DM me if you live in Regina and we can get you signed up!

I’ll add my link for the Intelliroll in my story! You get 10% off if you use the code: REACHREHAB!🤗

Or you can find it in my linktree under my bio!

Tag a friend that loves 🍑 day!

#hippain #hiprehab #hippainrelief #glute #glutes #gluteworkout #hipmobility #hipthrusts #kettlebellworkout #kettlebellswings #kettlebelltraining #kettlebellworkouts #hipstrength #gluteday #backpain #backrehab #foamrolling #foamroller #foamroll #intelliroll #reachrehabhip
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Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada

If you are limited in your time it is best to train as effectively and efficiently as you can! Working through a complex today that is longer but when taken slow and built it is can be a great way to “get in your movements for the day!”’
Join us in Studio or Online as we train the pillar system !!

How to train this today :
▪️Full swing / American Standard Swing (advance to this accordingly)
▪️Reverse Jiujitsu GU
▪️Overhead Press / Tricep Press
▪️Caterpillar( Knee Flexion to Extension)
▪️Overhead Press/ Tricep Extension
▪️Jujitsu Gu
▪️Modified Crescent Kick

You can train these individually! Have fun with this one as I did & I’m confident my clients will also today ! 💖J.
Join us Online ⬇️ OR 2135 at our Flagship Location!

#mobility #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #kettlebell #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #grateful
Struggling to find a Beginner program that guides you- or an Advanced Program to challenge you????Our Online training platform gives you :⬇️⬇️⬇️

💥25 plus Tutorial Videos-Kettlebell 101
💥6 Week Beginner Program - 60 mins & 30 mins - One on One Training!
💥30 Plus LIVE Stream Classes (recorded to fit your schedule) 4x from our @kbkbcanadastudioyqr ! Then One on One Training. Including Guest Trainers! .
Incredible Content that is AFFORDABLE!!! $19.99/month! Daily & Yearly packages offered!

💪Join TODAY ✨⬇️⬇️

DM for any questions or for Review on your Form!!.

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Over the years I have learnt that realistically life does not balance - though it is a balancing or juggling act that enables you to strive for a healthy successful life. Different times of your life will pull you in certain directions. New parents will take on the role of care givers to their children and they will have to work at making time for themselves to help maintain their health and wellness but it will not be equally balanced & that’s okay. As a business owner my balance is easily off dud to the time I work at building my company and I strive to maintain my family time , it’s just never completely equal. So I write today to remind you that a “perfect balance” is likely not realistic but to strive for health & wellness throughout your day, according to you! 💖J

Let us guide you with you kettlebell training ⬇️
Online or in Studio @kbkbcanadastudioyqr ⬇️ Or Get Certified (February dates COMING)

💥Our Online Training for $19.99 month offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers from across the country!

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Not sure how to mix up your training to keep it not only fresh but keeping your body challenged??? Mix up your training with different speeds, from explosive to slow & controlled. Today slow it down- doesn’t mean you are working less hard- isometric holds are an incredible way to train and grow your strength!
▪️Modified Gunslinger/Bottoms Up/Front Lunge / High Knee Hold into Push Kick /Reverse Lunge ( train R & L then do Reps of 4 R & L ) rest & repeat 3-4x
💥Have a GR8T Day!

Join us KB Online ... On Demand Classes - on your schedule !

Let us guide you with you kettlebell training ⬇️
Online or in Studio ⬇️ Or Get Certified (February dates COMING)

💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers .

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