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DAILY POSTS & WORKOUTS @kettlebellkickboxingcanada

Today looking at a couple things. Working on your mid rack position then looking at how to properly exchange out your kettlebell weights.

Let’s talk Mid Rack position. This will likely be your first transition movement when starting your training from that two handed swing. Watch through for tips and remember the importance of building that strong foundation with good technique.
Secondly today I want to discuss when training at home or at studio or gym the importance of properly picking up your kettlebell and putting them back down before reaching for another weight. Kind of like a TGU is not complete until you do a top and bottom - you must finish the execution properly - Looking at how you first pick up and put down your weight before getting another weight is equally true. Especially mindful when coming out of a ballistic movement (swing)! Form ALWAYS! 💖J .
Join us in Studio or ONLINE Training !!!

💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers .

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#strong #fitness #motivation #mobility
Striving to grow a companies roots in the prairies! When I launched Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada some told me I should start in a bigger Center as Saskatchewan often gets the “new” years later... I know the power of Sask people and when they support they support 💯❕. So to be audacious I decided this was my home and this is where my start will be... not 3 years later we opened our first flagship @kbkbcanadastudioyqr during a pandemic.... & we are not stopping !!! Thank you @audacityqr & @play_creative ! 💖💪. .Posted @withregram • @audacityqr There’s no limit to your #audacity.

Stay Audacious, Regina!

Join us in Studio 2135 Broad Street OR.... Online Train with us ! .

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#onlinetraining #cardio #mobilty #strengthtraining #strength
Full body movements today working your mobility throughout ! Going light kettlebells so you can execute that underhand grip (you want to be able to keep a strong straight wrist) Slowing the movements down and train for 120 seconds, rest for 30/45 seconds and train 3-5x. Focusing on a strong neutral spine throughout and when executing the flys press that lower back into the mat.
Remember when you train Form Over Time and Reps. Mix up your training with power, endurance and training the smaller stabilizers as the are important part of the “team” of muscles that provide you with your strong foundation! If you don’t have smaller kettlebells , swap them out for soup cans :)!! Enjoy & have a great day!!

For how to learn & execute foundations join our Online Training Platform!!! Plus for All you kettlebell training needs... we are in studio 2125 Broad Street @kbkbcanadastudioyqr & Certifications!!!

💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers .

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I love my kettlebells for training but I think you limit yourself if you limit what you are willing to train and try. Today Sunday fun using a different training tool, the mace! Working level change switching the mace positions!

✨Have a great day!!! ✨

Looking to find a steel mace, checkout out @white_lion_athletics ! .

#resilient #kettlebellworkout #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #kettlebellkickboxing #stayhealthy #staystrong #yqrfitness #canadiangirls #fitmoms #fitover40
#mace #macetraining #trainforlife
Advanced training today, working on training at different levels & using the kettlebell in a bottoms up hold. Watch through on how to break down the exercises without the kettlebell and if needed you can midrack the kettlebell and execute the shin box with no back extension. Always be mindful of taking your time & when you watch more advanced always know everyone has a start spot and train at your ability taking the time to build the strong foundation first with the basics...always!
What to train to build that foundation:
▪️2 Handed Full
mobility swings
▪️Army Get Ups (working that up and down ability)
▪️Z sits & shin boxes

For how to learn & execute these foundations join our Online Training Platform!!! Plus for All you kettlebell training needs... we are in studio 2125 Broad Street @kbkbcanadastudioyqr & Certifications!!!

💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers .

#strong #fitness #motivation #workout #gym #fit #training #bodybuilding #love #strength #muscle #fitnessmotivation #health #healthy #lifestyle #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #training #doublekettlebells
Training double kettlebells, you can modify by removing the rotational presses.

How to use this as your full workout :
▪️Double kb full mobility swings
▪️Double kb full mobility swing clean presses
▪️Double kb squats
▪️Double kb squat with rotational presses
Train 40/20 rounds of each then rest full 60 seconds & put together and train in a complex 60 /30 3x!.
💥Be mindful that you can execute the movements individually or flow from one to the next (example - squat to rotational press - either finish one movement before the next or transition from one into the other)
Have a great day!!!.

Let us guide you with you kettlebell training ⬇️
Online or in Studio ⬇️ Or Get Certified (February dates COMING)

💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers .

#strong #fitness #motivation #workout #gym #fit #training #bodybuilding #love #strength #muscle #fitnessmotivation #health #healthy #lifestyle #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #training #doublekettlebells
✨Strong Body ~ Strong Mind ✨
When we train we look at today, how we feel and how to listen to what our body is telling us. When you step on the mats with me- I will guide you, motivate you and challenge you. What I won’t do is take 100% responsibility for you . Now I will never let you train poor form or push too hard or not enough, what I mean is I want you to take responsibility for YOU. Listen to your body . On any given day I do not always know what is going on with your work, your relationships so when you train you must take in account your previous night and day for how to execute your training. I want to teach you to be in tune with your body. It is how you will grow stronger inside and out!!

Have a great day!!!
💥Join us KB online training, in studio @kbkbcanadastudioyqr 2135 Broad Street or get certified !!

#trainforlife #trainingmotivation #mobilty #resilient #kettlebellworkout #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #kettlebellkickboxing #stayhealthy #staystrong #yqrfitness #canadiangirls #fitmoms #fitover40
✨Ways to train your push up while using the kettlebell!!
For your start you will work first always on your success without adding in the kettlebell, once you have established form you can begin to implement the kettlebell!
▪️Single Hand on handle
▪️Single Hand under handle on belly
▪️Single Hand on belly with kB tipped
▪️Two Hands on belly on tipped kB
▪️Two Hands on handle
▪️Two Hands Bottoms Up on the base
▪️Two Hands on belly balancing kB
▪️You can Keep Going .. adding in 2 kB!!
Enjoy training with the kettlebell! 💖J

Let us guide you with you kettlebell training ⬇️
Online or in Studio ⬇️ Or Get Certified (February dates COMING)

💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers .

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#pushup #pushupkettlebell
Strength and mobility lies within your body, yes each will look differently for everyone but it’s there, you just have to work for it. Watch through as I show beginner, advanced then intermediate(also can modify more by executing from the knees for the push ups and for the leopard crawls! ) Get your body used to rolling again, as it’s a great way to move- just because you are an adult you still roll - our bodies remember are meant to MOVE!

Let us guide you with you kettlebell training ⬇️
Online or in Studio @kbkbcanadastudioyqr ⬇️ Or Get Certified (February dates COMING)
Links in bio ✅
💥Our Online Training offers :
✅Kettlebell 101 (video tutorials)
✅6 week beginner program
✅35 plus LIVE STREAM Classes
✅Extra Training with Guest KBIA trainers

#mobility #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #kettlebell #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #grateful
Regina, Saskatchewan
So excited to be collaborating with this #bossbabe this January!!! As we focus on Fitness as a whole, we know the importance of stretching, rolling those incredible muscles you are building!! Click link in bio to sign up for our Foam Rolling Session - open to members of @kbkbcanadastudioyqr & non members!!

Happy Sunday!!!.

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Have a tight 🍑!?! 😜

Tight glutes can lead to
-low back pain
-piriformis syndrome
-hip pain
-hip impingement
& many more!

Foam rolling is an excellent way to help relieve pain and tension or help to warm up your glutes!

In my video I’m using the Intelliroll foam roller! @intelliroll

I love it because it contours to my body and doesn’t put unwanted pressure on my spine. I prefer deep tissue pressure so the Intelliroll is my preferred foam roller because it is made of ABS pipe, which is harder than PVC!

I’m collaborating with Jodi @kettlebellkickboxingcanada @kbkbstudiocanadayqr this month in Regina, SK! We are hosting a “work the Glute roll the Glute” class! 🍑

I will be teaching an introductory foam roll class after Jodi kicks your 🍑 with her kettlebell kickboxing class! DM me if you live in Regina and we can get you signed up!

I’ll add my link for the Intelliroll in my story! You get 10% off if you use the code: REACHREHAB!🤗

Or you can find it in my linktree under my bio!

Tag a friend that loves 🍑 day!

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Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada

If you are limited in your time it is best to train as effectively and efficiently as you can! Working through a complex today that is longer but when taken slow and built it is can be a great way to “get in your movements for the day!”’
Join us in Studio or Online as we train the pillar system !!

How to train this today :
▪️Full swing / American Standard Swing (advance to this accordingly)
▪️Reverse Jiujitsu GU
▪️Overhead Press / Tricep Press
▪️Caterpillar( Knee Flexion to Extension)
▪️Overhead Press/ Tricep Extension
▪️Jujitsu Gu
▪️Modified Crescent Kick

You can train these individually! Have fun with this one as I did & I’m confident my clients will also today ! 💖J.
Join us Online ⬇️ OR 2135 at our Flagship Location!

#mobility #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #kettlebell #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #grateful

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