My Kettlebell Kickboxing Fitness Photoshoot for our Canada Launch

Day 4 NYC…. let’s get this photo shoot rolling!


The journey continues- I arrive to the academy with cofounder Dasha Libin Anderson and the creator of Kettlebell Kickboxing, of I am now the proud owner in Canada. Clothes picked and locations to be found. I have worked very hard over the past years , working on my inner strength. One of the rewards of working on this inner strength is how my physical body has responded.

I have always strived for healthy living for me and my 3 children. I believe today was a very sweet reward for my lifetime of taking care or myself and the discipline of training. So much fun doing a photo shoot blocks away from the academy where I first met the cofounder of KBKB. Excited to share my knowledge with people across Canada and inspire them to become their best version of themselves. I believe people are meant to dream but more importantly people are meant to put their dreams into a plan and strive to succeed.


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