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As I embark on this journey with Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada it is truly turning into a whole experience for me.  Not only is it about kettlebells it is about personal growth.  It is about my journey with my kids as I grow my business not only throughout Canada but globally.  Keeping an open mind to possibilities has allowed me great experiences.  The reason I blog today is to share with you my encounter with Melissa…. instagrammer @momsthatshouldmodel .  We connected and she did a post and a Mom Chat blog post which I wanted to share with you.

As KbkbCanada evolves so do I personally and I see that fitness is more and more about the whole person.  I am a strong believer in Strong Mind ~ Strong Body which brings me back to Fitness as a whole.  You can be the fittest person in the room and not be fit/strong on the inside.  You must work on both to be a healthy person.  I was not always strong on the inside as I tell in My Story as it has taken a lot of work to get me to where I am today.  Likewise to training if you stop, the muscle growth stops and decreases so you must continually train physically as you must do the mental work to grow.  The 2 go hand in hand together. Can one exist without the other? Of course it can but you will not be successfully a whole person if you do not take the time to grow both!

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