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Kettlebell Kickboxing’s (KB) mission is to unlock the inspiration, tools, and resources to help women and men all over the world balance their goals with health, quality of motion, confidence, and strength. The Kettlebell Kickboxing community is an educated, diverse, strong network of unique women and men who embody and give voice to modern, scientifically-backed fitness, health, nutrition, and, of course, kettlebell science and human movement.

We’d love to collaborate and connect you with this influential audience or to inspire your audience with our mission.

Brand Partnership & Product ShoutOuts

KB is the perfect platform to inspire meaningful conversations. Shed light to your products via KB instagram, story and newsletters.

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Events, Seminars, Custom Classes & Speaking Engagements

Hire Dasha and Kettlebell Kickboxing for your brand launch, event, expo, studio or Academy. We’ve worked with SELF, Nike, Yoplait, VSX & more!

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  • Content Creation
  • Social Amplification
  • Brand Campaign Assets
  • Gifting & Product Testimonials
  • Sweepstakes, Giveaways
  • Experiences & Events
  • Seminars: Training and/or Education
  • Custom Classes
  • Fitness & Nutrition Product Testing
  • Newsletter Exposure
  • NYC Flagship Studio Event
  • Program Creation for Magazines, Blogs, Media
  • Expert Interviews: All Media
  • Custom Workouts For Your Brand: Video, Photo, Article
  • Gym /Studio Consultation, Staging and Program Design
  • Corporate Program Design & Productivity Fitness


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