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Class Start

  • Identify New Clients
  • Any injuries that need to be noted
  • Any announcements to be stated



Swing, Smile and Lets Get Started!


Warm Up: 4-5 mins

  • Jog on the spot, jog around the room, skipping, high knees and glute kicks(kick your butt)

Warm In:   Part 1 

  1. Kettlebell Foot Touch Drill 1 minute ( tap the kettlebell handle with your foot)
  • Modify this by getting the person to just step and tap the handle of the kettlebell(kb)
  • Progress this by getting the client to leap from one foot to the other tapping the handle of the kb. In someone knocks the kb down- everyone gets a burpee or squat if up and down is too difficult.

2.Up and Down Drill 1 minute (get yourself to the floor on your stomach to standing to lying on the floor on your back to standing) Does not matter how they get up or down! Remember this is a great way to check out everyone’s mobility in 1 minute.

  • Modification: use a chair for someone to sit and stand
  • Progression: get client to add jump at the top

Bridge To Teach: 3 mins.

Kettlebell Full Mobility Swing – teach from beginner level


MMA Martial HIIT 5 mins. Part 2    

Full Swing

2 Gorillas into 2 leopards

Full Mobility Midrack position

2 Gorillas into 2 leopards into Down Dog

Full Mobility Midrack  to 1 True High Pulls


Tabatta 20/10 8 rounds 4 mins.   Rest can be rest or active rest around the world with KB Part 3

  • Reverse Lunges with or without Kb
  • Army GU with or without Kb
  • Deep side lunges with or without Kb
  • 1 Push Up 4 Switches

Grind Complex 2 mins ( 1 min Right and 1 min Left) Teach the Clean Part 4

  • Rectilinear Clean
  • Squat
  • Push Press
  • Squat
  • Push Up

(Progress this using double kbs)



Milestone Swings 2 mins. Part 5

  • Time and count swings in 30 seconds 15 second rest & repeat trying to beat the number of swings! Always REMEMBER….FORM OVER TIME …Always Everyday All Day!
  • Swing 3 rounds
  • Record the swings and the weight swinging

Talk About Goals… measurable success!


Ladder 5 mins max Part 6

  • Swing
  • Midrack position
  • Sumo Squat Upright Row
  • Squat Gorilla Curl
  • 1 of each then build to 5 then come back down.


Swimmer Burpees 2 mins Part 7

  • Review the pull motion before going down to the floor
  • 1 burpee 2 swimmers stand and reverse the direction
  • Progress this by doing the pull with 1 arm at a time

Abs 3 mins Part 8

  • Double Crunches
  • Russian Twists
  • Leg Lifts with Overhead Press of kb

Cool down/Stretch 3- 5 mins

Left Leg out Right Leg in Stretch …. Twisting to a Z sit …. Into a pigeon stretch

Repeat to Right Leg out Left Leg in




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