Kettlebell Training in Edmonton Canada

Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada (kbkbcanada) spent the weekend in Edmonton, Alberta Canada!! Had so much fun introducing kbkbcanada to everyone. We spent the day at UFC Gym North Edmonton where I met great staff and trainers!!

I took a women’s boxing class before Kettlebell Kickboxing and was trained by a very patient knowledgeable trainer! Then it was time to introduce everyone to kbkbcanada. We warmed up then got into the “beloved hinge”. Not always the easiest thing to learn as we are all so accustomed to squatting. After working through this new motion everyone’s swings took off! Always reminding as we went about Form Over Time! The boxing coach participated in the class and commented that it would be a great program for his boxers!! I said I couldn’t agree more as we incorporate strength, mobility and cardio with safe progressions! It was a great trip meeting so many new faces!!


*If you are not ready to train in a gym setting and want to start off at home check out our Online Training Program!

* If you are looking to bring the program to your gym check out our Certification Program. Contact for group discount rates!

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