Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada Goes Home!

Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada (Kbkbcanada) took time out  to return to the small southern Saskatchewan town- Bengough! Bengough is  where I was born and raised and I believe it is sometimes important to go back to the place we grew up and honor all that has been given to us, basically to be GRATEFUL. In this town I know so many Strong people! Women and men.  When I arrive I stop by the local Pharmacy which is an amazing little store where you can basically do all of your shopping!

It was a great experience going back to teach kettlebell. I always talk about proper technique and keeping your form. Spoke with one lady who said she was taught to bend during her swing. We then discussed why we hinge!

Why We Hinge:

The kettlebell swing is beloved for its hinge.  Most people have tremendous difficulty with the hinge, in truth too many modern people can’t hinge. This is why people suffer back pain, knee pain and weakness. This has everything to do with sitting. Not being able to hinge means not being able to properly engage the posterior chain of the body, particularly the glutes (your butt muscles). Theses are the same muscles that help you run and protect you from back weakness during many activities are now inactive.  Instead, modern people’ and even some athletes are unintentionally using their knees and low backs to do all the work our butt muscles are supposed to do. In sports science we call using a muscle ‘firing’ a muscle, while the the term ‘muscle imbalances’ and ‘inactive or weak muscles’ comes from not being able to ‘fire’ or use a muscle during a motion where that muscle is required. This leads to overuse and misuse of other areas of the body, and in modern society this leads to knee pain and eventual knee and ankle injury, as well as back pain, which can then lead to shoulder and neck injury.

Proper information is necessary when training. Exercise is injury prevention and performance enhancement. Our training focuses on the progressions so we can help build you a successful exercise program!  Our Online Training Community     is also great for clients who live in rural areas that do not have access to Kettlebell Kickboxing Classes.


Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada – Bengough!

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