Kettlebell Kickboxing and UFC Edmonton

Our journey into Alberta landed us at the UFC Gym in Edmonton!  We arrived to share what Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada is all about!  Our class was joined by one of the boxing coaches and a bunch of wonderful new Kettlebell Kickboxing participants.  Fortunately before class I was able to take a boxing class with that same coach! We got to work on some of the skills that we incorporate into our programming.

One of the things I always tell my trainers is to take a class whenever you can with whoever you can! For 2 reasons:

  1. Great way to get exercise
  2. You will always learn something new when you seek more growth.  Using the experience of training to grow your thinking. I always say you will learn either something you want to use or even maybe something you think you do not ever want to use, either way you get to take something away from the training experience!  Use your experience to grow and to learn. Taking something away ever time!


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