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Once Sandra found Dasha and her KB program she was instantly hooked into the whole body aspect of this form of training.

Sandra, is a former missile specialist for the United States Navy. After leaving the military she knew how to do two things-fitness and blowing stuff up. Noticing the inherent risk of using incendiary devices as a civilian, she decided that inspiring people to be fit had a lower risk of getting her arrested and thus began teaching aerobics. During this time she also trained among the first group of endermologists (cellulite technician) Since then her interest in health and beauty bloomed. She is a licensed medical aesthetician and is highly sought after by celebs and media outlets. She has been featured in Gotham, E!, Martha Stewart Weddings, InStyle.com and as a columnist in FitYoga.

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Train to be the best you, someone else's fitness goals may not suit you. That and 4 is a size not a goal...relax, you'll be where you're meant to be. 

Healthy Snack

Frozen raspberries drizzled with teaspoon of local honey. Having them frozen is refreshing in the summer and the local honey helps with environmental allergies. 

Favorite Cheat

for the most part I eat a Paleo-centric diet but pie is my Achilles heel. Luckily, it's not often you're offered pie, haha, so on the occasions that I indulge I don't feel too guilty


Currently working toward opening a studio in Kentucky with her boyfriend and part owner of Genes Health Foods


currently offering private and small group instruction in Owensboro KY and Nashville sandramendez_nyc@yahoo.com or leave a message at 917-331-0490

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