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  • Philadelphia PA
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Renee Marks

Renee has been a Kettlebell Kickboxing instructor since 2015. She began by taking Kettlebell Kickboxing classes and also training to the DVDs. She joined the flagship Academy and after a year of steadily training she decided to take the next step by getting certified.

Later, as Renee began to dedicate herself to studying and training under Dasha, she also had the opportunity to assist and also teach at the flagship NYC classes.

More About Renee Marks

What inspires you to train?

The discovery within myself and how great I feel after training. I feel like it is a continuous journey, always growing and learning something new.

What inspires you to teach?

Paying it forward. I wanted to help and teach fellow women all about Kettlebell Kickboxing because of how much it has changed my life. It’s a great program!

What is your favorite KB move?

The double handed KB swing. You can always keep challenging  yourself, speed, weight variations and intervals. It is where everything begins. I have to throw in leopard moves too!

How did you find fitness?

I was an active kid in sports from a very young age. I have tried loads of training classes and types of fitness through out. I really came into a real routine for myself when I started KB. Having the mix between weight training and cardio to support an active life style clicked for me and being in my 30’s!

What is your single most defining factor in training?

I’m a stickler for form. I’m constantly working on my form.

What was your biggest hurdle in fitness/health? And how did you get over it?

Making it a priority for myself and to have a consistent routine of attendance.. It is hard with work, friends, family, etc.. to say “I come first”. I started by making my schedule way in advance, I put it on my calendar. It was there, a constant reminder for myself that hour, I have training. If anyone invited me to do something or life happened. I would suggest a different time or I was ok saying no. Knowing my priority was to be healthy and it made me feel great, empowered!

What’s on your playlist in KB class?

“An Eclectic Mix” Hip Hop, Alternative Rock and Powerful women in Pop. Anything with a big beat!

What’s your go to fitness style?

Anything in Black! Clean, sleek and always with Nike trainers. I will throw in a pop of color on occasion

One move/exercise you love to have?

Anything with the leopard. Twist, kick outs, walks etc….

How have kettlebells transformed your body. And your fitness prospective?

The biggest is the strength in my back. I use to have back pain and developing my core strength was key. My fitness prospective has become more adventurous and confident from using Kettlebells. I feel like I can try anything now!

When do you teach?

Fridays at 5pm

Why should I try your class?

Besides the music It will be a great work out and I will pay attention to your form and help you along the way!

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