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Melanie Deuettchen

Mel is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, DTS Lean Body Coach and currently the only certified Kettlebell Kickboxing coach in the Province of Quebec.

She is a well rounded coach whose first experiences in fitness were developed in Martial Arts. She was an avid practitioner of Tang Too Do, a Korean American Karate style where she participated in various competitions and earned her 2nd degree Black Belt. As you cannot train the Ying without the Yang, she complimented her training with a regular practise of various yoga styles which she has kept up throughout 2 pregnancies until today.

After having had children, Mel found that Yoga was just not enough, she felt she needed more to strengthen her post partum body and to stay healthy and fit for her family. This is how she found strength training, first in a small group environment and then setting off on her own testing a variety of on home or weight room fitness guides. If it comes in an app or as a printable workout program, Mel has probably tried and drawn inspiration from it.

This combination of Martial Arts Discipline, Yoga, heavy weights and kettlebells make her a well rounded coach.
Her classes are energetic and her unique sense of humour makes them entertaining – which to her is key. Fitness has to be fun after all

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