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My fitness journey began with Jazzercise, a fitness program designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. In 2003 I took my passion for the program to the next level and joined the international community of Jazzercise instructors.

After a few years as an instructor, I realized I wanted more. I achieved Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification (AFLCA), Canadian Fitness Professional Certification (CANFITPRO) and became a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach. Still not satisfied I trained to be a certified Piloxing instructor. Piloxing — a fusion of boxing, Pilates and dance — is ideal for people who want a music based workout without the bounce. I opened my first Piloxing class in 2016. That same year I completed Urban Poling (Nordic Walking) Instructor Certification. I am now a Master Trainer for this fabulous program. Not only did I start teaching outdoors, I launched my own business: Scary Bunny Be Fit. Scary Bunny is all about taking the fear out of fitness, encouraging people to embrace new experiences and stay active so they can fully enjoy life as they age.

In 2018 I read an article about Kettlebell Kickboxing as it pertains to training for older adults. Shortly afterward, I had the opportunity to join Jodi, Canadian Master Trainer, the article’s author, for coffee. I instantly knew this was going to be the next program I added to my fitness toolbox. I certified as a Level 1 Kettlebell Kickboxing instructor in September 2018 — and after 15 years as Jazzercise instructor, finally closed the doors of my class the following December.

Fitness trends have evolved and so have I. Opportunities abound and I have had the privilege of leading some amazing women. They have old knees, and new knees, they are cancer patients and cancer survivors, they exercise through pregnancy and celebrate milestone birthdays. Fitness builds bonds and creates community. I am privileged to be part of an amazing fitness community.

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