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Elysha Foster

Elysha is a certified Kettlebell Kickboxing™ Instructor (KBIA), currently teaching a popular Kettlebell Kickboxing programme to secondary schools (ages 12-18) throughout Auckland, New Zealand.

Elysha is a certified Personal Trainer (NZIHF Level 3 & 4), Thump Boxing & Kickboxing Instructor and Women’s Powerlifting coach.  In 2015 she travelled to NYC to train with Dasha to become New Zealand’s first Kettlebell Kickboxing instructor.

Elysha became a personal trainer after losing 40kg (88lb) on her own health and wellness journey.  Having experienced first hand the psychological and emotional challenges often associated with weight loss, she is able to empathise with others embarking on their own journeys.  Guided by the words “What i learn, I can teach”, Elysha is using her experience to educate and empower women through wellness and to help them create healthy, sustainable futures, not only for themselves but for their families and future generations to come (mind, body and soul).

Elysha offers a mobile coaching service and is available for private one-on-one and small group training sessions throughout Auckland.

More About Elysha Foster

What Inspires Me

My daughter.  Everything i do and everything I am is because of her.  She is my greatest gift and has been and continues to be my ultimate teacher, in love and in life.  

Women are a constant source of inspiration to me.  Their strength, their selflessness, their natural ability to get sh’t done.  Women have this innate willingness to be vulnerable when they can see another women needs “permission” to be.  This inspires greatness.  I love seeing women succeed.  And i love hearing women sharing their successes and seeing their “sisterhood of strength”, the women they choose to surround themselves with, celebrate these successes as if they were their own.  No envy, no comparison, just love.

Favorite KB Moves

I have so many!  But my all time favourites would have to be the single arm high pull and variations of the leopard.  Both are so versatile.  I love stacking movements around the high pull and creating flows.  The leopard variations are deceitfully challenging, providing maximum bang for your buck as well as being funky and fun!   

How I got into training

I got into training 12 years ago after ending an abusive relationship.  I was 23 years old and a single mum to my daughter who was 1 year old at the time.  I was overweight, had no self-confidence, was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and was drowning myself in negative thoughts and self-talk.  I remember saying to myself one day, “As long as you see yourself as a victim that’s what you will continue to be.  You are a not a victim, you are a survivor!  You are a mother, and you have a daughter who is relying on you to show her the way”.  The next day i started walking, when that was no longer challenging i taught myself to run.  I did this by walking up a series of massive hills and running down the other side.  I recall how this helped me to develop a rhythm and how i could continue this rhythm once i got to flat ground.  A little while later I was introduced to boxing.  I didn’t know it at the time but my love for boxing would lead me to becoming a certified person trainer and eventually Kettlebell Kickboxing instructor.  The rest as they say is history <3 

The best part about my class

The best part about my class is.. it is whatever you need it to be. 

Do you want to be taught and learn so as to create independence?  Awesome, i’ve got you.  Do you want to switch off, have a little fun and work out and work off the stresses of your day?  Awesome, i’ve got you.  Do you want to be part of a community of like-minded, wellness focused individuals who are almost like an extension of your own family? Awesome, i’ve got you with that too.  

It’s all there, it’s totally up to you to take what you need and disregard what you don’t.  

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