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Eddie Miller

Kinesiologist & Trainer

Eddie has over 25 years of national award-winning experience in the dance, fitness, martial arts & entertainment industries. A degreed Kinesiologist and Master Fitness Trainer, he has helped educate and certify over 200 fitness professionals throughout his career for YMCA & canfitpro. As an instructor, he has taught over 13,000 participants in classes such as AcroYoga, Dance, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Meditation, Pilates, Yoga and Zumba. As a professional performing artist, he has done dance and stunt work in film and stage, including dancing for Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Shall we Dance?,’ centre stage at Pan Am Games Ceremonies and directed his own touring production company throughout western Canada. Eddie also holds black belts in both Kung Fu & Arnis-Kali, winning Silver Medal at the 2014 WSB World Championships in Knife Sparring, with his own students winning top 3 in every competition he enters them in. He is the creator of ARCFIT, which focuses on the needs of clients in mental health and addictions recovery.

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