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Dena Quinones

Dena is Kettlebell Kickboxing™ and BODYART® AMERICAS certified as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) with Yoga Alliance, who also earned a Masters of Public Health (MPH) because of her professional and personal commitment to health and wellness. As a lifelong learner and teacher who recently lost over 100 pounds in the past year, Dena is passionate in sharing the knowledge and skills she has learned on her journey of wellness and is committed to giving back by helping individuals and communities live a healthy and active lifestyle. Dena’s overall mission is to focus on mind, body and soul alignment while strengthening all three to achieve the ultimate goal of inner peace, happiness and physical mobility. As a mother of an energetic toddler, Dena enjoys the positive impact that yoga, strength training and Kettlebell Kickboxing has had on her overall health, flexibility, and mobility while juggling a busy and demanding schedule. She is excited to bring her energy, knowledge, and full body workout for a class that meets everyone’s needs offering modification and options for the beginner or fitness buff!  She is positive you will leave her class feeling stronger in mind, body, and soul.

More About Dena Quinones

What inspires you today?

Losing over 100lbs in the last year I ultimately never want to diet again and have committed to raise my daughter leading by example by eating healthy, staying active and continuously working toward finding my own and encouraging others to tap into their power, happiness and physical mobility.

Favorite kettlebell move

Obsessed with Wonder Woman my favorite Kettlebell move is the Overhead swing because it makes you feel powerful and it inspires full body, mind and soul strength with a lot of cool variations for added fun.

Best part about your class?

What makes my class special is that it is an all level class that focuses on not only a high intensity workout but also full body restoration. Guided by my, Kettlebell Kickboxing, Yoga and Body Art training I focus on the Yin and Yang approach allowing those who take my class to leave feeling balanced mind, body and soul.

How did you find KB and kettlebells?

I found KB during my journey to lose the 112 pounds that I gained during my pregnancy. Beginning my weight loss with getting a personal trainer and seeing the importance of strength training, I realized I also needed a good strength training workout in between my personal training sessions. That is when I discovered Dasha’s Kettlebell Kickboxing™ class. When I took my first class I was instantly hooked on the versatility of kettlebells and connected to the focus on longevity and mobility! As a RYT yoga teacher I knew I wanted to get certified as I saw how Kettlebell Kickboxing™ could enhance my yoga practice and teaching as well as support my passion and journey toward overall health as well as mind, body, and soul alignment.

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