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Danielle Bennicoff

I’m a Registered Dental Hygienist, originally from the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, and now call Des Moines, Iowa home! I’m currently studying to become a certified health coach, and will be putting my writing degree to work by launching a blog dedicated to kettlebell training and a living an attainable, healthy lifestyle! Training with kettlebells remains a constant way for me to continually challenge myself not only physically, but also mentally in helping me gain the confidence to pursue new goals in both business and fitness!

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How I Got Into KB Training

I started training with kettlebells back in 2009 with an at-home workout DVD called Kettlenetics. It introduced me to a completely different way of working out with combining weights and cardio, and I had so much fun with it and saw great results. In 2012 I found Dasha's Scorcher Series, and fell entirely in love with kettlebell training. By incorporating strength, cardio, and balance into my regular workout routine, I actually feel somewhat athletic now! No other method of working out remains as fun, time efficient, or effective for me as KB training, and I am SO excited to finally be able to call myself a KBIA kettlebell instructor. 

What Inspires Me

I'm continually inspired by the positive effect of treating our mind and body well! Fun exercise, a positive outlook, and a supportive community of uplifting, likeminded individuals can transform someone's life and dramatically impact their overall health and wellbeing. Ladies (and gents!) who discover the capability within themselves once they discover a program that supports an attainable, healthy lifestyle is beautiful, and SO inspiring to see. 

Top 3 KB Moves

1. Single-leg deadlifts to lift that booty!! 2. Swing with Single-Arm High Pulls make me feel strong and kind of badass. 3. My next favorite move is a forward step lunge with upper body rotation while holding the bell in towards the chest! You work your legs, upper body, core, and BALANCE all in one! 

Classes and Teaching

Since receiving my KBIA Certification in April 2016, life has been a whirlwind adjusting to a new life in the midwest! I haven't started teaching yet BUT LET'S CHANGE THAT! Shoot me an email and let's meet up and start training together! 

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