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Blaine Perra

Blaine (also known as Robyn’s husband) is a father of four and Papa to 2 awesome grandchildren. He has spent most of his fitness years in team sports such as hockey and football (Huge football nut)
Over the past 4 years Blaine started to work on health and fitness by joining crossfit (well dragged in kicking and screaming by his wife..haha) He wanted to find fitness programs that were more functional for every day performances. That is when he found kettlebell kickboxing , fitness kickboxing and rowing / row hiit workouts to train from.

These programs gave Blaine strong cardio benefits, total body workouts, muscle toning, strength training and better mobility all with safer movements while finding his best results! Blaine is now very excited to implement these programs to help others every day to reach their fitness goals.

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