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  • Louisville, CO
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Barney Villa

Barney Villa is the co-owner Higher Strength personal training, he is also a Kettlebell Kickboxing Instructor and hosts all women and coed Kettlebell Kickboxing classes.

Higher Strength is the premier one-on-one private personal training studio in Colorado. Leave the gimmicks and gym behind to reach your goals with Higher Strength. Accountability, customization, privacy, and individual guidance can get you the results you want.

Barney was one of our first KBIA Certified male instructors. He recognized how crucial it was for his facility in Colorado to have an opportunity to reach out and create a strong environment for women and group fitness enthusiasts. He saw how poorly many of the group fitness classes and 'fads' were being ran, and decided to bring a high quality KB class to his private training facility.

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Fun fact!

Barney can do a Turkish Get Up with any of his female students - yes, we mean using a person to do a TGU!

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