Getting Your Teens Active

One of the greatest things I think of when your child reaches their teenage years is the ability to bond with them in different ways. One way I have really enjoyed bonding with them is getting my teens active!  All three of my kids are teens. We have done things like hiking, kayaking, wall climbing, swimming, running, muay thai and of course – yes- kettlebell training.


Two great things happen when you do these things:

1. You get quality time with your kids… making life long healthy memories with them.

2. You are introducing a healthy active lifestyle that will become habitual for them so they can carry it into their adult life. Healthy lifestyle will contribute to their all around health.


Remember when training or doing activities with your teen… try to find something that peeks their interest. If they are interested in it there is a better chance that they will want to continue doing it. Also make it fun- fun is different for everyone. A competitive teen may enjoy competing with you but if that is not your teen maybe stay clear of such activities and types of training .

Be mindful that your teen is going through lots of changes and their interests and ability to focus will shift with time. My oldest most recently has gotten back into training with me after some time away. Children only get one childhood and it is important to be present and guide them as good as you can! Not always easily done but with patience and healthy habits you can get them set on the right track for life.


Remind them that We are all a work in progress!

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