Finding Your Balance



As I get older the word balance circulates within my world often…. to be honest I think if you are not thinking of balance its quite possible your balance is off.  Everyone’s balance is different which is why everyone is so uniquely their own.  Finding your balance is great- keeping your balance is the interesting part 🙂

Balance means different things to different people. My balance is many things. Having a healthy smoothie in the morning is part of how start to balance my day!

These are the things that keep our lives in order. Good life skills allow us to step back and look at what is off balance.

Finding techniques to reset is useful. Some techniques I use are:

  1. Going to a place that has water… lakes, streams, ocean.
  2. Going for a drive and belting out your favorite song and singing just for the pure pleasure of your enjoyment
  3. Always my go to is swing a kettlebell ( Kettlebell Kickboxing), kick a bag or throw some punches on a bag!
  4. Just sit and enjoy the silence and remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for.
  5. Make a list of what you want to do and look at that list and think about how your day , month or year is affected by the list- balancing out what is needed to make it success.


Balance…. what is yours?


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