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Jénel Stevens

Never quit if you stumble get back up, What happened yesterday no longer matters, Today is another day on track and move closer to your dreams and goals - You Can Do It

Jodi Barrett

I believe balance is the key to life and finding and being around a positive tribe is essential.

KB Certified Instructor
KB Certified Instructor

Barney Villa

Barney was one of our first KBIA Certified male instructors. He recognized how crucial it was for his facility in Colorado to have an opportunity to reach out and create a strong environment for women and group fitness enthusiasts. He saw how poorly many of the group fitness classes and 'fads' were being ran, and decided to bring a high quality KB class to his private training facility.


To start a class or open a studio you need to have a proven method that creates results for your clients and for your business. Generating revenue is important, but even more important is knowing how to teach correctly, enhancing your students and clients- giving them the best possible information and training and creating real results they can see and feel.

In our starting year- when we opened Kettlebell Kikcboxing’s doors to the public we sold over 2,500 membership packs in 3 days! Since then countless instructors have replicated that success in their own cities with small and large KB classes.

DAILY POSTS & WORKOUTS @kettlebellkickboxingcanada

Wascana Lake
Feeling that Saturday Energy today!!! Get that training in and embrace the day. Here training a complex :
💥Full Swing/ Power Swing / Half Beat /Gorilla forward / Squat Jump /Repeat swings then Gorilla backwards / Plank (push up & or 2 knees)
Train for time amount 2 mins rest 30/45 repeat 3x!
( Be mindful of executing a jump with a kettlebell- unload for beginners)
💥Join me Online KB Online Training & I will take you through how to build up to this complex in our “Extra Training”!

💥Train with new in person @kbkbcanadastudioyqr this am 9:15 am Saturday!! .

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Regina, Saskatchewan
Friday workout with double kettlebells! Remember all of this can be done with one kb also!
Train for time or reps! Either way strive to do 3 sets!
💥2 One arm Rows/ 2 Deadlifts /2 Reverse lunge with press (variation- press when in lunge it’s when feet are together)
💥Leopard / Plank / Push Up / Plank Jack
💥Overhead Sit up 2 Russian Twist - modify place feet on floor
Enjoy and Join Us today at 5:30 @kbkbcanadastudioyqr or online KB online for our Friday Warriors Class- Streamed Live BUT Recorded so you have NO EXCUSES:)! 💪.

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