Exercises To Build A Stronger Core

The importance of core strength if you simplify the fact is that it is at the center of your body.  It only makes sense to strengthen your core.  The benefits will be seen throughout your body.

The American Council on Exercise did a study and stated that using the kettlebell increases abdominal core strength by 70%! The other fact that goes along with this statement is that not only do you get the benefit of increased core strength you get functional mobility and aerobic training.



Exercises To Get You Started:

Full Mobility Swing

1. Lean over the kettlebell and pick up a kettlebell by the handle. Hinge (bend) at the waist.

2. Drive the kettlebell back and above your knees.

3. Keeping chest open and not rounding the shoulders

4. Thrust your hips forward, squeeze your glutes, and stand up straight. Do not backward bend at the top of the motion! Be sure to create a non-stop fluid motion as you swing: with the kettlebell going behind the knees then up to shoulder level.

5. At the top of the swing, the kettlebell should go no higher than chest level. Do not raise the kettlebell with your arms. Your arms— as well as the kettlebell—should remain weightless through the entire motion. * Notice how everyones swing is slightly different, but the hinge remains a constant!

Train your swings 40 seconds with 20 seconds rest 4x through!


Overhead Press Sit Up

  1. Holding the kettlebell by the belly (that’s the round part of the bell) press it overhead.
  2. Lower into a reverse sit up while keeping the kettlebell overhead.
  3. As you sit up press the kettlebell up towards the ceiling. ( if your arms get tired you can bring the kettlebell to a midrack position by your chest)

Train 10 reps  5 x through!

When we build our ABSolute ABS program we thought CORE CORE CORE!!! Swings set with floor ab exercises! Important to get your core strong so that you can be stronger throughout!



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