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11,000 NYC Women & Growing

FitnessGala_051-197x300Our mission is to empower our partners to successfully deliver the most unique, effective and exciting training method: Kettlebell Kickboxing. We want our partners to give their clients the gift of real, lasting results! There is nothing more rewarding than spearheading a health & wellness community by successfully doing what you LOVE.

Dasha Libin Anderson, MS, NASM-PES, MKC, NASE, M-KBIA developed and founded the Kettlebell Kickboxing method upon solid principals of exercise science and a decade of research on real subjects. All Kettlebell Kickboxing™ clients are carefully guided through varied, creative trademark exercises in themed classes, where they are given the personal attention needed to achieve maximum results—just take a look at our before & afters!

The Kettlebell Kickboxing fitness method and training structure can be easily placed within a pre-existing gym or studio to create an audience of happily addicted and committed “Kettlebell Kickboxers.”

A Community & Lifestyle Are Born

In 1992, Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy (AMAA) opened its doors to the NYC public. In 2009, AMAA introduced a Kettlebell Kickboxing fitness class to its Tribeca facility. Since then, the Kettlebell Kickboxing™ group classes have been deemed the MOST POPULAR Women’s Class in New York City by publications like SELF and Shape magazines. Currently, our flagship location Kettlebell Kickboxing™ classes are booked solid 3 months in advance. Our clients, many of whom buy monthly memberships, call themselves “Kettlebell Kickboxers.” The 11,000 women who have walked through our facility doors consider Kettlebell Kickboxing to be more than a method: they consider it a lifestyle.

It is our experience that every satisfied customer brings three more clients through our doors! Kettlebell Kickboxing is a welcoming and fun system; friends, co-workers, family members and couples love to work out together. Dedicated students will also bring visiting family and friends to try this unique method at your facility—trust us!

Brand Power

FitnessGala_170-300x208Kettlebell Kickboxing™ is a truly authentic brand concept. In addition to our members, fitness editors, trendsetters, and celebrities have made the method a household name. Featured in SELF, Shape, Fitness, Blackbelt Mag, NY1, CBS, NBC, Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing,” Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and countless other media outlets, Kettlebell Kickboxing™ has earned its trademarked reputation as “NYC’s Hottest Female Fitness Method.” With the success of the Kettlebell Kickboxing DVD programs—the Scorcher Series 4 disc set and Body Series 11 disc set—the method has made its way into homes across the world, establishing a real and lasting global presence. We’ve capitalized on this exposure through our social media campaigns and our strategic marketing alliances and promotions. Just last year at Nike Blast Sweden, Dasha and her team taught a sold out class to 500 international Kettlebell Kickboxers!

Getting Started

We can help you find the right location and develop a schedule that works for your market. We teach our partners how to mimic our module, teach the method, stay current, uphold the highest standards of training and education, hire and present the best trainers, and run a successful, results-driven, community-backed business. Current music, cutting-edge research and new products are all available to KB instructors and partners. Our sales products are always available as a bonus revenue source at wholesale rates, including our DVDs, nutritional supplements, custom menus, merchandise and more! Partnerships with celebrities and corporate memberships are presented to our franchisers whenever possible.

Brand Benefits

kb-class-225x300Once you become a licensed Kettlebell Kickboxing facility, you and your staff will reap all the benefits of our brand, including all of our marketing materials and promotional content. We can help you design an independent website or add a webpage to your current gym site, and we’ll list you on the Kettlebell Kickboxing master site. We’ll also help you establish a social media presence, including a fully-designed group page on Facebook. We’ll even help you establish relationships with local businesses, like having your instructors become brand ambassadors with Lululemon and other fitness powerhouses.

Training KB Instructors

Training instructors is simple. You only need a handful of instructors to get started, and getting certified is easy. Dasha does a two-day certification and presents all graduates with a 9 hour instructional DVD for anytime review, as well as a KB teacher’s book complete with the background science and curriculum. Through personal training with Dasha, all of your instructors will attain their KBIA-1 credentials, and your program director will boast the Master Level M-KBIA credentials. Those who get certified to teach the method are automatically accredited by NASM, NSCA, ACE and the AFAA for their continuing education program CEU’s.

Dasha and her team will hold yearly seminars at your facility to make sure your team stays current and on top of its game. Dasha also sends instructors monthly updates. Additionally, a Master-Level KBIA instructor is available 24/7 to answer any questions. An additional bonus: we’ll use your studio for local and national press as well as your instructors for promotional materials and DVDs!

Licensing Perks

  • Options. You can franchise as an all-female method, a co-ed method, or a mixture of both styles!
  • Corporate Relationships. Our partners are your partners, including companies and equipment distributors like Power Systems. We get you the wholesale rates you need to stock your gym full of kettlebells, refrigerators, furniture, and other necessary equipment.
  • Minimal Overhead & Expenses. With the convenience of our digital program, we make it easy to take care of member billing, sign-ups, sign-ins, and your student database with minimal staff. Dasha and her team can also help you work out your class schedule and program design.

Nationally Accredited

FitnessGala_098-208x300Kettlebell Kickboxing™ is a ‘system’ and all who get certified to teach the unique method are automatically accredited by NASM, NSCA, ACE and the AFAA for their continuing education program CEU’s. Yearly updated seminars are held by Dasha and her team at your facility for your staff, making sure your team stays current and on top of their game! We use your studio for local and national press, and your instructors for promotional materials and DVDs! Plus all of your instructors will have the KBIA credential, and your program director will boast the Master Level M-KBIA credentials. All acquired through training personally with KB creator Dasha Libin.

Fun Fact

Since 2012, niche fitness classes, boutique gyms, and group workout methods have tripled, continuing to grow worldwide. This year, the fitness industry has topped an all time $19 billion high, and research shows that people are more likely to go to the gym and reflect on their health during a down economy. Kettlebell Kickboxing™ has seen a significant rise just from 2010 to 2013. During our annual January 48 Hour Fitness Special, our numbers skyrocketed from 3,000 buys to 5,000 buys in just 3 years!

Contact Dasha for more information about exclusive licensing.
Chances are, we have the market research ready for your area!



Dasha Libin Anderson

Phone: 212.766.6622
Email: dasha@kettlebellkickboxing.com

DAILY POSTS & WORKOUTS @kettlebellkickboxingcanada

Regina, Saskatchewan
✨Change is inevitable ✨

Instead of fighting it, embrace it! My life has changed so much from 7 years ago. It changed so much a year ago, 6 months ago, 4 months ago! Embracing and finding a way to enjoy it makes life more fun! Yes I said fun because why not find fun ways to embrace your journey ! So take time to smile, be grateful and add to the Journey! Have a great Saturday!💖J.
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Training 2 Kettlebells today! Looking at level changes at knee & hip, pull, & push horizontal and vertical. Adding in your swings on the outside which which challenge you at the next level. Read below on how to modify as it is always our goal to build you at that beginning with a Strong Foundation!
With our Online Training you will always have “options” at whatever level of training you are at! Enjoy this today & cant wait to see you online or on the mats ! Ps @kbkbcanadastudioyqr clients this will be part of your training tonight & online - We are streaming LIVE 5:30 pm CST (which is recorded so no excuses 😉)
Modify to 2 Kettlebells bring the swing inside the body! To modify to 1 kB read below
▪️Full Swing /Half Beat / Mid Rack / boxer press (holding kb by horns) / push up of the floor from knees or toes/
▪️Full Swing / Mid Rack / Reverse Lunge / Advance this with press from midrack .
#cardioworkout #kettlebellworkout #fall #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #kettlebell #kettlebellkickboxingcanada
Regina, Saskatchewan
✨You are Strong✨.
Look within to find your true strength, as that will be the strength that pushes you through. 💖J.
Photo Credit @saskskyhigh
#strong #fitness #motivation #workout #gym #fit #love #strength #muscle #fitnessmotivation #health #healthy #lifestyle #gymlife #exercise #fitfam #instagood #fitspo #kettlebell #life #mystrongmoment #instafit #fitnessaddict #kettlebellworkout #cardio #fitnessmodel #personaltrainer #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #kettlebellswings #zyiaactive
Regina, Saskatchewan
Pull, push, level change, rotation, locomotion & activation of your core stabilizers! This will challenge you today. Watch through as I will give you a modification. Take your time building this ladder - think Strong & Controlled!.
▪️2 Staggered Rows / Clean /Racked
▪️Rotate into Reverse Lunge press with Overhead Press
▪️Leopard with Shoulder Tap
🔹Train R & L
💥Join Us On Demand Training - KB Online Training.
OR @kbkbcanadastudioyqr 2135 Broad Street.
💪Time to get your #kbkbSTRONG on!!.
#kettlebell #kettlebellworkout #cardioworkout #cardioboxing
#fall #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #kettlebellkickboxingcanada
Regina, Saskatchewan
For this exercise you can remove the swings and presses and the kettlebell and execute the floor movements, or put it all together!
▪️Single staggered swing /Clean overhead press /Negative press
▪️Reverse Jiujitsu GU
▪️Reverse Turkish Sit up with overhead press
▪️Forward Leg extension lifting hips to ceiling / reverse taking leg behind / go to knee to GU
▪️Switch swing - repeat
Train 4 x - R & L being 1 !
🔹Remember to modify as needed - removing parts to make it fit your training ability !.
💥Join Us Kb Online Training On Demand! Link in bio or at our flagship location @kbkbcanadastudioyqr 2135 Broad Street - Intro Session starts Oct 20 7-7:45 pm Tuesday/Thursday !!.

#strong #fitness #motivation #workout #gym #fit #training #bodybuilding #love #strength #muscle #fitnessmotivation #health #healthy #lifestyle #gymlife #exercise #fitfam #instagood #fitspo #kettlebell #life #gymmotivation #instafit #fitnessaddict #kettlebellworkout #cardio #fitnessmodel #personaltrainer #kettlebellkickboxingcanada
Canmore, Alberta
✨Rest, Reset & Restart✨

This is a common phrase you will hear when you train with me and my trainers! Our training is about Form and building that strong foundation so you can advance your training to the next level. Often Rest, Reset & Restart can be used throughout your daily life also. Using it as a way to never give up and to keep moving forward!
Have a great day! 💖J.

#fitnessprograms #kettlebell #absworkout #cardioboxing #cardioworkout #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #kettlebellswings #lovelife #grind #torontofitness #yqrfitness #canadiangirl #trainforlife #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #strength #mystrongmoment #kettlebellworkout #strongertogether
Regina, Saskatchewan
✨Find ways you to challenge yourself everyday ✨

Remember everyone’s goals/challenges are different. I love pushups ~ not everyone’s favourite so when I strive to challenge myself it will look different than yours. Building a strong foundation is Key! Have a great day!

✳️Join Us Online Training and take care of You !! Link in Bio
✳️Join us at our flagship location @kbkbcanadastudioyqr !.
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Regina, Saskatchewan
For today’s training, I recommend you modify by taking that kettlebell into that Mid Rack position when you go into that reverse side get up if you are new to Kettlebell- also go lighter is a MUST as you are going to need mobility to execute. Always important to remember you have to start your training with a strong foundation before training today’s video. Exercise is injury prevention and performance enhancement so you must be physically ready to train this by building that strong foundation first- that is why we give modifications so you can BUILD on your foundation.
Your core muscles will be continuously engaged throughout every motion.

❇️Fun Fact - a study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise found that eight weeks of training with kettlebells increased study participants’ core strength by
70 percent. 💪.
✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️DID YOU KNOW ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
We offer have an Online Training Platform ⬇️
💥Kettlebell 101 (where I teach the individual exercise)
💥6 week Beginner Program
💥Extra Training
💥Plus our LIVE STREAM - which we record - here I have one on one training where I teach to you and our Classes where you join in on a class! These are all recorded & saved:) PLUS our KBIA Guest Teach!

✳️✳️You can train with me @kbkbcanadastudioyqr in our Queen City!
✳️✳️We offer Certifications
✳️✳️We Have Digital Download Fitness Programs!

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Training our Kettlebell Kickboxing Program allows you to not only fuse in martial arts motions but to truly train your cardio, strength and mobility throughout. As we instruct we can increase the cardio, the strength or the mobility or balance it out so you can do all of them. Here today’s training will get your heart rate up, work on that strength and progress you train mobility. Watch through to see how to modify.
Fun Fact :
✳️ According to American Council of Exercise study, twenty minutes of kettlebell exercise burns an average of 272 calories. That’s expending a phenomenal 20.2 calories per minute.

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✨Train for a better , healthier You!,
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