Eating Balanced With Zestykits

As a trainer I am busy but know that food is a very important part of being healthy.  So instead of letting my eating habits fall victim to “I’m too busy” I use ZestyKits! Please read a bit more about what ZestyKits is all about!

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Dinner is solved

Dinner time can be stressful, time consuming and overwhelmingly difficult ZestyKits is changing that. ZestyKits meal kits empowers you to easily and quickly cook beautiful, healthy and chef inspired dishes in the comfort of your home. ZestyKits is owned and operated by Saskatchewan women and provides ready-to-cook meals focused on Saskatchewan sourced products and healthy recipes.

Why ZestyKits?

Support individual health

ZestyKits promotes individual health by providing well balanced meals to nourish us, sweet treats to support our emotional health; all while creating a connection between us and our senses in the kitchen.


What does it look like in my meal kit?

  • Health professional health tip with every recipe
  • Sommelier recommended wine pairing to support Mediterranean lifestyle
  • Local artist colouring pages

Support family health

ZestyKits supports family health by creating an atmosphere that supports a collaborative and communicative environment, teaches life skills to children and brings the family together.


What does it look like in my meal kit?

  • Dietician tips to include children in meal preparation
  • Dietician tips to adjust recipes for picky eaters
  • Local artist colouring pages

Support health of our Community

ZestyKits enhances the health of the community by supporting the local economy, lowering the individual, family and collective carbon footprint and giving back to the community.


What does it look like in my meal kit?

  • Saskatchewan sourced ingredients in all recipes
  • Supporting the local economy by supporting local farmers and producers
  • Reduced meal carbon footprint by over 30% compared to grocery store


Our Why

Our purpose is to transform lives by

empowering every one’s health



We are Catherine & Annie, sisters & co-founders of ZestyKits meal kits. Before we could walk, our mother sat us on the counter while she baked bread for our family. In our family, food is revered, our parents taught us that the best food is made from scratch and with the best quality ingredients. Which is why we are excited to provide Saskatchewan’s first locally sourced and made meal kits!


We believe the health of our community depends on each individuals’ health. Together, with our partners, producers and health team we are creating positive change to establish a strong, thriving society. We achieve this through our holistic view of health composed of three aspects: Individual Health, Family Health and Health of the Community.



Catherine Beaudoin, CPA
CEO, Co-Founder

Annie Beaudoin
COO, Co-Founder

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