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To start a class or open a studio you need to have a proven method that creates results for your clients and for your business. Generating revenue is important, but even more important is knowing how to teach correctly, enhancing your students and clients- giving them the best possible information and training and creating real results they can see and feel.

In our starting year- when we opened Kettlebell Kikcboxing’s doors to the public we sold over 2,500 membership packs in 3 days! Since then countless instructors have replicated that success in their own cities with small and large KB classes.

Great trainers are leaders in fitness and in life. Great trainers are students first, seeking the very best education and knowledge. Great trainers lead with science and are masters with their tools.

Kettlebell Kickboxing is a dual education and continued success platform:

  • Master workout structure, biomechanics and the science of the Russian kettlebell
  • Continue that traditional kettlebell knowledge into the kettlebell complex, mobility and circular swing evolution
  • Magnify that education with the Kettlebell Kickboxing system; a program designed for both individual training and mass member appeal fusing the benefits and the art of Kettlebells and Martial Arts Motion into a complete full-body strength, weigh-loss, mobility workout.

It’s time to close the gap between passion and work.

You can open a studio, or simply start a small class or small semi-private group.

  • Further your career, or business by learning how to motivate and impact others through a solid, proven fitness method fitness.
  • Start your career by starting a Kettlebell Kickboxing class in your city!
  • KBIA gives you all of the tools to teach a structured, unique and incredible class and to be successful in business.

Kettlebells Are Their Own Science.

Most trainers in the gym do not know, teach or understand kettlebell biomechanics and specifically kettlebell ballistics and kettlebell metabolic training. They also do not know any motions past the regular and over head swings. They have no concept of the faults, or fixes. They have little education about kettlebell progression, complex or evolution. Kettlebells have countless options of lifts and swings- all taught in this course. Read the KBIA ‘Core Principles’ tab to learn more.

Continued Support for Your Success

    • Access to Dasha & KBIA staff via email anytime
    • A page on the website expl;
    • A curriculum book and videos of classes, technique, progressions, form
    • Log In to Instructor Area on – studies, videos classes posted by Dasha
    • Marketing tools
    • Weekly videos, curriculum, research studies and access to all KBIA support materials and videos for your

continuing education and success

There are two types of certification fee options for Kettlebell Kickboxing KBIA Certification

  • 800.00
  • 1,000.00


All of the certification details are listed above in the first tab above. Your education and development and KBIA credentials are the same with either rate.

If you decide to go with the 1,000 certification cost you will receive an added bonus:

  • KETTLEBELL KICKBOXING CANADA & UNITED STATES website listing and personal page

After you get certified you will have access your own instructor library complete with everything you need to succeed in your training, knowledge, teaching and even class marketing.

Your overall growth and success is our goal.

Instructor Portal Sections Include


This course is the foundation of both Kettlebells and Kettlebell Kickboxing. It has been designed to provide attendees with an introduction to multi-planar movement through strong positional and structurally integrated application. It develops knowledge, technical ability and a comprehensive understanding of kettlebell movements and kettlebell complexes, and also of the body, human movement and training structure.

You will learn how to enhance and build on stability, strength and increased range of motion, as well as prevent injury and enhance performance in both yourself and your private, semiprivate and group class students.
This class is the groundwork to exercise structure, human movement, and kettlebell strength, mobility and conditioning principles.

Your KBIA Level-1 Framework

The certification typically looks like this:

  • Study materials in the form of books and videos sent upon registration
  • After looking over materials, candidate emails the desired certification dates
  • 5 hour one-on-one via Skype or in-person
  • 1 hour phone/ in-person/ or Skype followup for post ‘field work’ discussion – after candidate is certified
  • 1 hour phone marketing discussion – scheduled at candidates discretion – after the candidate is certified and ready to start teaching
  • Continued access to the band in the KBIA Log In Area, where weekly videos, research studies, curricula and progressions as well as technical discussions are posted

In the Level 1 KB Instructor Course you will acquire:

  • 5 Pillars of Strength and Conditioning/ Exercise Structure
  • Kettlebell lineage, history and science
  • Kettlebell benefits – bio-mechanical and physiological
  • Kettlebell specific anatomy
  • Refined techniques on the most important Kettlebell lifts; double and single KBS
  • Most traditional Kettlebell motions explained and broken down for teaching
  • The skills to safely teach all KB lifts to others
  • The most common form faults, and how to correct them
  • Proper workout construction and design
  • Appropriate KB group exercise class structure
  • Small group and private KB training structure
  • The most important aspects of leading group Kettlebell classes
  • How to identify and monitor poor structure and overtraining — and how to identify the difference
  • A library of Grinds and Ballistics
  • Ballistics: 15 variations of the standard Kettlebell swing
  • All modifications and proper progressions to advance clients
  • Programing for various goals: power, strength, endurance, weight-loss
  • Proper workout sequencing
  • Physiology of time intervals, sets and reps
  • Level 1 KB Complex sets: putting together Kettlebell Grind and ballistic flows, correctly and safely
  • KB Trademark time intervals and class map
  • Structuring a measurable workout program
  • Structuring KB classes for results
  • Growth, retention and community building

What to Expect during a KBIA Instructor Training:

    • Hard work, with plenty of hands-on practice, and also technical education with real science
    • Firsthand experience of Kettlebell Kickboxing’s

signature exercises and techniques

  • A full day of training, which starts on time, with just a few well-timed breaks — your time is never wasted
  • Expect to hone your intra-personal and interpersonal Kettlebell skills
  • Expect to take lots of notes — and to have your questions answered thoroughly
  • Unlike some seminars, expect all relevant material to be presented
  • Expect to learn a lot and have it available to go through again on video and in your KBIA portal
  • Expect a very personal certification where all of the time is spent with you and your goals
  • Expect to learn that which you need to know about classroom structure, design, and administration of group/semiprivate and private Kettlebell classes
  • Expect to learn the most-common Kettlebell form breaks and errors — and how to fix them (many people tell us the Faults & Fixes segment has transformed their own training and teaching)
  • Expect to return home with a plenty of great programing ideas and a library of programs in your KBIA portal
  • The ability to start, engage, structure and maintain a class
  • Running a class with limited Kettlebells
  • Running a class of beginners and unconditioned individuals
  • Running a class of 3 populations: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Class periodization
  • Warm up and Cool Down
  • KB Mobility
  • Cardio Respiratory Intervals: Martial arts inspired motion, animal calisthenics, safe plyometrics
  • Marketing and starting/growing your class

What to expect after your certification:

  • Access to Dasha and KB staff via email anytime
  • A page on the website: www.kettlebellkickboxing. com/instructor/Your-Name
  • A curriculum book and curriculum videos
  • Log In to Instructor Area on – studies, videos classes posted by Dasha weekly
  • 25% off all KB Programs and DVDs
  • 25% off Power Systems Kettlebells (and all other PS equipment as a KBIA Instructor)
  • NASM, ACE, AFAA, CanFitPro Continuing Education Credits
  • Wholesale prices to resell to your students if needed
  • Opportunity to apply for Master Level KBIA and be a representative (certify your own instructors)

Requirements to pass the certification:

*Your payment alone does not guarantee your certification. Dasha signs each certificate herself and takes this responsibility very seriously. If you do not pass, you will have an opportunity to retest after a month of study at NO added fee. Your success and growth is the most important part of the process.

  • Demonstration of perfect form of the exercises covered at the seminar
  • The ability to teach — and correct — people who have little or no prior experience of Kettlebell training
  • The ability to structure a class correctly in accordance with The 5 Pillars of Human Movement, and the Measurable and Periodization KBIA Principles

Most importantly, expect to take from this certification a feeling of confidence in your ability to present, command, and control group and individual Kettlebell classes.

To see if you qualify, and to have any and all of your questions answered, please email us

You can register for your certification right here in our SHOP checkout.

The rate for a single, private certification and all portal and material access, brand and logo use and education is 1,000.00

Upon registration you will receive a series of links, including;

  • A series of study technique videos
  • A Kettlebell Kickboxing study guide work book and curriculum
  • A Kettlebell Kickboxing library book of trademark KB moves


Upon KBIA completion you will receive a series of links, including;

  • KBIA Portal Access with countless continuing education, curriculum and marketing tools, guides and videos.
  • Kettlebell Kickboxing logo use, and logos for your site and class.
  • Permission to use and teach the trademark system, start your areas instagram group page, and much more.


Once you download the materials and feel comfortable, you can email us here  and let us know the date and time (please specify a few dates) that you would ideally like to do your certification.



If there are several of you, a group discount can be applied, just email us here to explain the group (amount of people) you have. Even two individuals will be considered for a discount.  


If you are emailing on behalf of a gym, a group fitness facility, or a martial arts/ fitness academy that would like to certify your instructors and host Kettlebell Kickboxing classes, again please email us here for group discount rates.    


We do offer just Kettlebell Certifications, the credential (KBI), also accredited by NASM, ACE, AFAA and CanFitPro is a ‘Certified Kettlebell Instructor’ credential.

  • The fee for KBI is 500.00 and you can register in our SHOP here
  • Once you download the materials and feel comfortable, you can email us here  and let us know the date and time (please specify a few dates) that you would ideally like to do your certification.

The kettlebell certification is a very comprehensive trainers program, educating the individual(s) on the correct way to execute, structure, systemize and teach (faults and fixes included) the traditional kettlebell biomechanics.

The certification includes;

  • group and private client workout structure
  • kettlebell ballistics
  • kettlebell grinds
  • kettlebell trademarks
  • kettlebell evolution
  • kettlebell biomechanics
  • kettlebell group and client faults and fixes
  • kettlebell systemization

This is an idea certification if you are not interested in using our trademark system, our cardio and mobility based martial arts and kettlebell flows and especially our trademarks, logos and brand power.

You will walk away with complete education.

*Portal library access is only granted to KBIA Certifications.


The benefits of the kettlebell are immense and with this single tool one can create incredible strength, power, durability. Prompt weight-loss, help heal muscle imbalances, engage the forgotten muscles and enhance performance.

Now, while the kettlebell has many benefits, few industry professionals, kettlebell enthusiasts and personal/ group fitness trainers know or understand its full potential.

How is KBIA education different? See for yourself; here are just two simple clips, however you will learn countless more kettlebell science, progression and complexes.

Dasha grew up with the kettebell in Russia, watching her grandfather work with this unique tool almost every day, using traditional Russian kettlebell mobility and strength principles. She spent her entire life with this unique tool, studying, teaching and apprenticing under some of the original RKC/MKC founders like her mentor Steve Maxwell.

Then after getting her Master Degree in Exercise Science, she began to combine her two decades of martial arts education and training with her kettlebell heritage.

The result? The very best, most comprehensive, detailed kettlebell education in the world. Along with the most innovative kettlebell evolution and progressions.

What’s more? Dasha has personally trained over 5,000 people in her NYC studio and through her travels, seminars and certification. And, over 120,000 online with her home fitness kettlebell DVDs and nationally published book.

To start a class or open a studio you need to have a proven method that creates results for your clients and for your business. Generating revenue is important, but even more important is knowing how to teach correctly, enhancing your students and clients- giving them the best possible information and training and creating real results they can se and feel.

In our starting year- when we opened KB’s doors to the public we sold over 2,500 membership packs in 3 days! And still going strong. since then countless instructors have replicated that in their own cities with small and large KB classes.

With KBIA you not only get incredible education, and a complete Kettlebell certification, but you also get;

  • marketing tools
  • marketing tips
  • design, KB logos, all KB pictures
  • Kettlebell Kickboxing name and press
  • NASM, ACE, AFAA, CanFitPro credits
  • instructor support via KBIA-Log In
  • marketing & business call with KB founder post certification

Learn how to impact, influence and inspire your community with a team that changes minds and bodies daily. It’s time to close the gap between passion and work.

See for yourself; here are just two simple clips, however you will learn countless more kettlebell science, progression and complexes.

How is KBIA education different? See for yourself; here are just two simple clips, however you will learn countless more kettlebell science, progression and complexes.

Further your career by learning how to motivate and impact others through fitness. Expanding your knowledge and mastering a unique and incredible tool – the kettlebell.

With KBIA there are many choices;

  • Enhance your current studio by bringing this method to a gym you already work with your own
  • Open a studio, rent space or bring KB to your small group and/or private clients
  • Enhance your own knowledge and education and transform your fitness and training approach
  • Become a Kettlebell Kickboxing Certified brand ambassador and instructor, having clients find you through our site
  • become a kettlebell expert, having access to the very evolution and science of kettlebells

Create a community. Make a difference.

Further your career.Learn how to motivate, impact and help transform others through fitness, kettlebells and the art of Kettlebell Kickboxing.

It’s time to close the gap between passion and work. We give you all of the tools to grow this community even further, and create your own movement in your city.

While you will undoubtably walk away with a great wealth of knowledge, annual rectification is required to uphold the curriculum.

Re-Certification is simple, it is 100.00 for the year and includes:

  • Continued portal access
  • New updates on system
  • The license to use our logos and use the Kettlebell Kickboxing name
  • Annual CEU’s

In order to Re-Certify

  • You will simply checkout HERE and pay your annual 100.00 fee
  • Submit a letter of intention and progress to , the letter will have a few paragraphs stating your progress and/ or your goals for the year to come
  • Any requests from us on topics can be included in the letter
  • Upon your Re-Certification an updated certificate and an updated portal log in will be emailed and sent  to you
  • At that pointer annual credits can be submitted for your CEU’s


NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine

ACE – America Council of Fitness

CanFitPro – Canadian Fitness Association

AFAA – Athletics and Fitness Association of America



KBIA Instructor Perks: Every instructor gets a 20% discount off of all non-sale items at any lululemon by presenting either their certificate or showing their bio on our website to lululemon staff.


KBIA Instructor Perks: Every instructor gets a  20% off any in store purchase, by presenting either their certificate or showing their bio on our website to lululemon staff.

Lorna Jane

KBIA Instructor Perks: Every instructor gets a  20% off any online purchase.
PLUS! Every certified instructor, upon day of certification will get a $25 gift card.

Power Systems

KBIA Instructor Perks: Every instructor gets a  15% off any equipment purchase – just email us and we will place you in contact with the point of contact, and verify your KBIA status.

Get Certified and Bring Kettlebell Kickboxing To Your City




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DAILY POSTS & WORKOUTS @kettlebellkickboxingcanada

Regina, Saskatchewan
✨Change is inevitable ✨

Instead of fighting it, embrace it! My life has changed so much from 7 years ago. It changed so much a year ago, 6 months ago, 4 months ago! Embracing and finding a way to enjoy it makes life more fun! Yes I said fun because why not find fun ways to embrace your journey ! So take time to smile, be grateful and add to the Journey! Have a great Saturday!💖J.
#strong #fitness #motivation #workout #gym #fit #training #bodybuilding #love #strength #muscle #fitnessmotivation #health #healthy #lifestyle #gymlife #exercise #fitfam #kettlebellworkout #kettlebell #life #gymmotivation #instafit #fitnessaddict #kettlebellswings #cardio #fitnessmodel #personaltrainer #kettlebellkickboxingcanada
Training 2 Kettlebells today! Looking at level changes at knee & hip, pull, & push horizontal and vertical. Adding in your swings on the outside which which challenge you at the next level. Read below on how to modify as it is always our goal to build you at that beginning with a Strong Foundation!
With our Online Training you will always have “options” at whatever level of training you are at! Enjoy this today & cant wait to see you online or on the mats ! Ps @kbkbcanadastudioyqr clients this will be part of your training tonight & online - We are streaming LIVE 5:30 pm CST (which is recorded so no excuses 😉)
Modify to 2 Kettlebells bring the swing inside the body! To modify to 1 kB read below
▪️Full Swing /Half Beat / Mid Rack / boxer press (holding kb by horns) / push up of the floor from knees or toes/
▪️Full Swing / Mid Rack / Reverse Lunge / Advance this with press from midrack .
#cardioworkout #kettlebellworkout #fall #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #kettlebell #kettlebellkickboxingcanada
Regina, Saskatchewan
✨You are Strong✨.
Look within to find your true strength, as that will be the strength that pushes you through. 💖J.
Photo Credit @saskskyhigh
#strong #fitness #motivation #workout #gym #fit #love #strength #muscle #fitnessmotivation #health #healthy #lifestyle #gymlife #exercise #fitfam #instagood #fitspo #kettlebell #life #mystrongmoment #instafit #fitnessaddict #kettlebellworkout #cardio #fitnessmodel #personaltrainer #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #kettlebellswings #zyiaactive
Regina, Saskatchewan
Pull, push, level change, rotation, locomotion & activation of your core stabilizers! This will challenge you today. Watch through as I will give you a modification. Take your time building this ladder - think Strong & Controlled!.
▪️2 Staggered Rows / Clean /Racked
▪️Rotate into Reverse Lunge press with Overhead Press
▪️Leopard with Shoulder Tap
🔹Train R & L
💥Join Us On Demand Training - KB Online Training.
OR @kbkbcanadastudioyqr 2135 Broad Street.
💪Time to get your #kbkbSTRONG on!!.
#kettlebell #kettlebellworkout #cardioworkout #cardioboxing
#fall #pause #reflect #dream #smile #enjoytheday #power #sport #happy #determination #healthylifestyle #beautiful #gains #strongwomen #goals #getfit #abs #nevergiveup #inspiration #train #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #kettlebellkickboxingcanada
Regina, Saskatchewan
For this exercise you can remove the swings and presses and the kettlebell and execute the floor movements, or put it all together!
▪️Single staggered swing /Clean overhead press /Negative press
▪️Reverse Jiujitsu GU
▪️Reverse Turkish Sit up with overhead press
▪️Forward Leg extension lifting hips to ceiling / reverse taking leg behind / go to knee to GU
▪️Switch swing - repeat
Train 4 x - R & L being 1 !
🔹Remember to modify as needed - removing parts to make it fit your training ability !.
💥Join Us Kb Online Training On Demand! Link in bio or at our flagship location @kbkbcanadastudioyqr 2135 Broad Street - Intro Session starts Oct 20 7-7:45 pm Tuesday/Thursday !!.

#strong #fitness #motivation #workout #gym #fit #training #bodybuilding #love #strength #muscle #fitnessmotivation #health #healthy #lifestyle #gymlife #exercise #fitfam #instagood #fitspo #kettlebell #life #gymmotivation #instafit #fitnessaddict #kettlebellworkout #cardio #fitnessmodel #personaltrainer #kettlebellkickboxingcanada
Canmore, Alberta
✨Rest, Reset & Restart✨

This is a common phrase you will hear when you train with me and my trainers! Our training is about Form and building that strong foundation so you can advance your training to the next level. Often Rest, Reset & Restart can be used throughout your daily life also. Using it as a way to never give up and to keep moving forward!
Have a great day! 💖J.

#fitnessprograms #kettlebell #absworkout #cardioboxing #cardioworkout #kettlebellkickboxingcanada #kettlebellswings #lovelife #grind #torontofitness #yqrfitness #canadiangirl #trainforlife #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #strength #mystrongmoment #kettlebellworkout #strongertogether
Regina, Saskatchewan
✨Find ways you to challenge yourself everyday ✨

Remember everyone’s goals/challenges are different. I love pushups ~ not everyone’s favourite so when I strive to challenge myself it will look different than yours. Building a strong foundation is Key! Have a great day!

✳️Join Us Online Training and take care of You !! Link in Bio
✳️Join us at our flagship location @kbkbcanadastudioyqr !.
#kettlebellkickboxingcanada #kettlebelltraining#mobilitytrainining#martialarts#entrepreneurlife #yqrfitness#kettlebellkickboxingcanada#entrepreneurmom
#fitnessgirl#discipline #kettlebellworkout #kettlebell#kbiatrainer#kettlebellflow
Regina, Saskatchewan
For today’s training, I recommend you modify by taking that kettlebell into that Mid Rack position when you go into that reverse side get up if you are new to Kettlebell- also go lighter is a MUST as you are going to need mobility to execute. Always important to remember you have to start your training with a strong foundation before training today’s video. Exercise is injury prevention and performance enhancement so you must be physically ready to train this by building that strong foundation first- that is why we give modifications so you can BUILD on your foundation.
Your core muscles will be continuously engaged throughout every motion.

❇️Fun Fact - a study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise found that eight weeks of training with kettlebells increased study participants’ core strength by
70 percent. 💪.
✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️DID YOU KNOW ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
We offer have an Online Training Platform ⬇️
💥Kettlebell 101 (where I teach the individual exercise)
💥6 week Beginner Program
💥Extra Training
💥Plus our LIVE STREAM - which we record - here I have one on one training where I teach to you and our Classes where you join in on a class! These are all recorded & saved:) PLUS our KBIA Guest Teach!

✳️✳️You can train with me @kbkbcanadastudioyqr in our Queen City!
✳️✳️We offer Certifications
✳️✳️We Have Digital Download Fitness Programs!

#strong #fitness #motivation #workout #gym #fit #training #absworkout #love #strength #muscle #fitnessmotivation #health #healthy #lifestyle #cardioworkout #exercise #fitfam #instagood #fitspo #kettlebell #life #kettebell #instafit #fitnessaddict #enjoythejourney #cardio #fitnessmodel #personaltrainer #kettlebellkickboxingcanada
Training our Kettlebell Kickboxing Program allows you to not only fuse in martial arts motions but to truly train your cardio, strength and mobility throughout. As we instruct we can increase the cardio, the strength or the mobility or balance it out so you can do all of them. Here today’s training will get your heart rate up, work on that strength and progress you train mobility. Watch through to see how to modify.
Fun Fact :
✳️ According to American Council of Exercise study, twenty minutes of kettlebell exercise burns an average of 272 calories. That’s expending a phenomenal 20.2 calories per minute.

💥Join Us Online - KB Online Training ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Train our Intro Series ⬇️⬇️⬇️

OR JOIN Us at 2135 Broad Street @kbkbcanadastudioyqr (new October Intro Session 20th)
✨Train for a better , healthier You!,
#kettlebellkickboxingcanada #montrealfitness ##fitnessmotivation #trainforlife #absworkout #kettlebellswing#strongwomen #fitover40 #coreworkout#kettlebells#calgaryfitness#yqrfitness#vanfit#fitnessaddict#vancouverfitness#beastmode

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