Active Living with Lorna Jane… A Little Heart In Everything!

Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada spent the day sporting Lorna Jane’s beautiful active wear!  A Little Heart in Everything…I must say after the day when I removed the clothing and saw the little heart that is placed on the inside of each clothing it definitely made me smile:) … they add a little heart to everything they make!


Our Day…We spent the day at the Artful Dodger which is a trendy little downtown location in Regina.  They have always welcomed KB Canada with open arms. Never batting an eye when I show up with kettlebells at an eating establishment! Then we traveled over to Wellness Revolution Studio where we got to hang out in a great fitness studio.  As I do these types of photo shoots I enjoy the people around me that are always so helpful.  As we did more pics I laughed with the cheerful photographer. This was the first time we had worked together and at the end of the shoot I asked if she had ever swung a kettlebell before…. she said a little!  I asked if she wanted to do a small video on a swing. She was game!!! Big smiles, new mom of a 9 month old handsome little baby boy-and she was ready to swing. Our photo shoot now turned into a learning session-love this!!!





1. Pick up a kettlebell by the handle.

2.Hinge by sitting back and bending at the hips, then the knees.

3. Swing the kettlebell back and behind your knees.

4. Thrust your hips forward, squeeze your glutes, and stand up straight. Do not backward bend at the top of the motion! Be sure to create a non-stop fluid motion as you swing: with the kettlebell going behind the knees then up to shoulder level.

5. At the top of the swing, the kettlebell should go no higher than chest level. Do not raise the kettlebell with your arms. Your arms— as well as the kettlebell—should remain weightless through the entire motion. * Notice how everyones swing is slightly different, but the hinge remains a constant!

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