10 Reasons To Skip the Gym! (seriously)

You heard us! Here are your 10 reasons to skip the gym!
and workout at home…

1. You can wear whatever you want.
You can workout in your pajama pants, that old funky looking sports bra (or no sports bra!) and you can wear your glasses. No one is there to even see what you’re wearing, and you can save yourself the painful experience of shopping for overpriced spandex – a definite plus!

*One pair of workouts pants cost more then one of our home fitness programs #JustSaying!

2. You will save a ton of time, on average 2-2.5 hours!
We all heard the excuse- “I have no time to workout today!” Well guess what… working out at home with a fitness program will save you the gym commute to and from the gym, plus the time you will spend changing, checking in, setting up and waiting for a machine or weight area. A typical KB home Scorcher Series workout is between 25-40 mins (burning up-to 600 calories a session and activating every muscle). A typical KB Body workout is between 30 and 45 minutes (geared to more specific muscle groups) and a 7 Day Lean no equipment needed 45-50mins. Now- just think of all the time you’ll be saving! Now think of everything you can do with that time…

Unfortunately many people waste a lot of time in the gym. Too often people get there and get ‘lost’ in the sea of machines and cardio equipment. Truly unless you have an education in training you do not know how to workout- you just don’t! You can pay for an expensive trainer… and you can also take a fitness class (some are amazing, but too many make you chose between strength training and cardio), plus the best classes always require an RSVP. At home you can have access to the best trainers in the world- My celebrity clients pay me 250 per hour for the same exact program you can do with me at home.


Best way to SKIP THE GYM- Train with us at home here

4. You can listen to YOUR fav music out LOUD… very LOUD!
The best part about working out at home is playing your own music playlist… even the classics you can no longer find in the gym (mainly because many of your fitness instructors are like 18 and never heard of your fav music 🙂 . Plus you can blast the tunes and sing to them as loud as you want!

You don’t have to listen to other people’s music that you hate. You can watch TV or follow the workout video of your choice. You can even listen to a book to catch up on some reading.

5. You really don’t need ANY of that fancy equipment anyway.
Some of the fittest bodies in the world train with minimum equipment. Too much equipment can actually hold you back. You’ll incorporate more balance, more muscles and more intensity by getting rid of stationary machines and getting your body and a simple dumbbell or kettlebell (when needed) to help you do all of the work! Not sure? If you’ve ever done any of our DVDs and programs, or even the basic workouts we gave you in the downloadable book you’d agree- it simply takes smart exercise to get the job done.

6. You can practice your killer dance moves.
During your rest periods, you can jam out to your tunes, where else can you do that?
Dance away! Fitness is about whole body health that connects to your spirt, and what better way to express that than through dance?

7. You can watch your muscles working.
Making the mind-muscle connection is the most effective way to get the most from your workout. You can make that connection better the more of your body you can actually see. Many people would never bare their tummy, or legs at the gym, but at home, you can go for it with n reservations.
Once you see your muscles working and it helps focus on movements and engaging the muscles correctly – try it!

8. You’ll inspire others to respect your hard work.
People respect people that DO. Your family, boyfriend, roommates or husband might know that you go to the gym, but once they actually see you do the work and sweat it out they will respect you and your goals that much more – trust e, I speak from experience!
Plus, you never know, your family, roommate and boyfriend might join in! I used to watch my mom workout at home, and eventually I joined in.

9. You can do a shorter, more effective workout!
Working out at home lets you break up the day if you need to.
If you have small children, thirty minutes of uninterrupted time may be a luxury you never have.
But three, 10-minute segments broken up during your morning is achievable when you work out at home. I had to do this often when my boys were small. A little annoying, but better than nothing.

10. Often you’ll get a far better, more effective workout!
Unfortunately many people waste a lot of time in the gym. Too often people get there and get ‘lost’ in the sea of machines and cardio equipment. Truly unless you have an education in training you do not know how to workout- you just don’t!

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