How To Get More Out Of Your Training and Fitness Routine KB Canada!

It’s not enough to just workout! You are past all of that now, you already workout. At this point in your training it is crucial that when you train, you get the most out of every rep and every moment you dedicate to yourself.

In fact, that can be the determining factor in your progress.

How To Get More / Get The Most Out Of Your Training

1. Let Nothing Go By
You miss one day, then that day turns to one week. Finally you get into your workout and you cheat yourself out of finishing the full minute or keeping the best form you can. Those are all wasted opportunities. Make a plan, make a goal- stick to it 100% – in the end of the day the time you dedicate to your body will give you ten times more reward and add great value to your life.

2. Set Mental and Physical Milestones
I want to swing a heavier kettlebell. I want to make sure that when I do my push-up my chest touches the ground every single time. I want to get more sprawls into that one minute. Those are tiny milestones that you should be setting upon every single workout. Pick any motion (ideally one that gives you a bit of hell like the sprawl) then set a goal for how many reps you want to get and aim for that number. Simple but it works.

3. Be Present
You get into your workout and you are on autopilot. You go through it as you think about your grocery lists and your inbox. That same exact workout would have been very different if you were ON IT! Present mind, body and spirit in every single motion. Be present, if not, you are just wasting your time, and limiting your results!

4. Create A Challenge
Challenge yourself and your friends. I challenge you to have thirty active days! At least 20 of those will be with a real workout. Create a challenge with family, co-workers, friends and DO IT! Why not make a fun game out of your goals. Create rewards if you reach a goal- it’s fun, and effective.

5. Milk The Muscle
Milking the muscle means getting the most out of it during a rep or a set. If lifting a five pound kettlebell is no longer a real effort, then you should be getting a heavier weight. The idea of exercise is to ‘milk the muscle’ in every rep and finish the workout creating real triggers of change in the body. If you can hold a plank for three minutes, it simply means that it’s time to add a new variable to your plank- get it? If not, your body will not continue to change and get even leaner and stronger!

6. Know When To Add
There comes a time when you know you can add something to your training. It might be a new challenge like our (Online Training Community) and add a whole new dimension of SWEAT to the mix. Similarly you can add heavier weight or a bonus workout day to your program.
Whatever it is there will come a time when you will need to add a new layer to the program! (and that’s an amazing thing, so, be proud of yourself!)

7. Go Back To Basics
It is important to identify when you need to go backwards and pay great attention to your basics. Flashy fitness seldom lasts as long or have as great a value as the standard basics: squats, kb swings, lunges, push-ups and all variations are the standard for weight-loss and strength development for a reason. When you feel like you are no longer getting the benefit from these motions it might be time to GO BACK and make them more challenging by slowing down and milking the form perfectly.
8. Surround Yourself with People BETTER Then You!

You must strive to read about, look up to and hang out with people that are better then you! People that have common goals and people that inspire you. It’s important that your friends enhance and inspire you and in turn you do the same for them.

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