How To Execute a Perfect Lunge

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How To Execute a Perfect Lunge:

Lunges can include the rear (or split-squat lunge), lateral lunge, walking lunge, crescent lunge, and alternating lunge.

• Hold a kettlebell chest level in a mid-racked position.
• Other hold options are: goblet, bottoms-up, racked (single kettlebell with one arm), and double-racked (double kettlebells).
• Stand in a straight line, with abdominals tight, a strong core, and a straight back.
• Step forward on the ball of your back foot and sink into the heel of the stepping foot.
• Keeping your torso as upright as possible, slowly lower your body as far as you can.
• Your rear knee should nearly touch the floor, or it can touch the floor if needed.
• Pause, then push yourself back up, driving through the heel of the step- ping leg to the starting position as quickly as you can.

Kettlebell Lunge grip options
You can change it up by holding the kettlebell with these grips:
• Goblet
• Mid-racked (as described)
• Double kettlebells mid-racked
• Single-arm racked
• Hanging to one side (the side and arm opposite the lunge; back must stay straight)
• Two kettlebells, one hanging to each side
• Bottoms-up (advanced)

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