What Limits You?

Why do you workout?

No what matter your reason, in the end we all want the same thing: a workout routine that will enable us to find the very best of our bodies and ourselves. We want to train smart and have fun while training. We want to leave the training floor feeling more energized, clear headed, and happy then when we got on it. But we also want to leave the dinner table happy and satisfied, not starving and feeling deprived.

Although you might be working towards a specific health or weight goal, I hope this journey far surpasses those first few goals and becomes an integral part of your life pursuit for health and wellness. You may find some of the concepts, facts, and programs here simple, while others may seem challenging. I ask that you rid yourself of any doubt here and now and keep an open mind. You have already taken the most difficult step: picking up a program—that step is far more valuable then any single move or random workout. This program will help you restructure your understanding of wellness, build a real foundation of health, and achieve incredible, measurable results.


Having worked in the health, fitness and martial arts fields for over a decade, I can honestly say that one of the biggest hurdles holding people back from lasting success is a limiting belief system. This is why we have a Kettlebell Kickboxing Limitless chal- lenge once a year: to remind us that we are who we believe we are; we achieve what we believe we can; that our bodies are not just bound by the reflection we see in the mirror; and that we have the capacity to move and build new motion and strength.

Let’s begin at the end. How do you see yourself in 7 days from now? In 4 weeks? How about six months from now? Take a moment and visualize it.

Here’s what I think you see: a stronger, more mobile, slimmer and healthier you. You have tighter muscles, a flatter stomach, a glow of energy, and a feeling of empower- ment. You’re less stressed, more in control, and perhaps even more focused. You’re more confident in your fitness routine and nutrition choices. You trust yourself and your body. And, you are right about all of it. You will look, feel, and live more confi- dently. Your goals will evolve, as will your dreams for yourself and your body. Exercise and healthy, sustainable living cause infectious positivity and self-assurance—traits that will seep into other parts of your life!

Three key factors compose your complete program. We will discuss each separately and then link them together to create a lifestyle. The three components are:

• Habits
• Fitness
• Nutrition

Your habits are the components of your day and your personal values. I don’t mean work or family—I’m referring to the individual qualities pertaining to your mind, body and spirit. Not anyone else’s.

Your nutrition is not to be confused with a “diet.” Nor is it to be confused with an occasional indulgence, like birthday cake or Thanksgiving dinner. Your nutrition includes what you put into your body as well as the healthy daily routines that allow you to enjoy your food and feel satisfied.

Once you decide to commit yourself to any of our KB programs, besides the DVDs and the books they come with, you will be receiving special downloads like this weekly within the first 10 weeks of your program!

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