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The One Tool In The Gym You Are Probably Mis-Using Most

Kettlebells Are Art Form To Transform The Body, Mind and Spirit (so tell us, are you using these tools correctly)

By now we have all heard of kettlebells (not kettle-balls), and by now most likely you have heard about the great many benefits of the tools. One of the first studies from ACE showed by efficient a kettlebell is, burning 300 calories in under 20 minutes! Since then there has been a lot of research to show the great strength, power, alignment and weight-loss benefits of these amazing tools. But, despite all of the research, and their amazing accessibility (you can find a kettlebell in almost any gym), people are still misusing these tools, misunderstanding their unique characteristics, and not using them for all that they are worth.

The big problem? Much like Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, kettlebells are an art form.

Kettlebells are underused, misused and mis-taught for one reason; people do not understand that there is a greater philosophy, a greater good and a greater science to kettlebell training. Kettlebells are an art-form.

Just as one example unlike dumbbells or weight plates and bars, kettlebells have a distinct terminology, and very specific science. They have ballistics and grinds in their biomechanic library (ballistics are all swinging motions, rooted from the posterior chain) while grinds are all of the exercises that you can do with any other weight.

Kettlebells also have flows, sequences, single exercises, combinations. They have progressions and they have a distinct breathing and building structure. There is a mind-body connection when you use the kb correctly. There is breathing technique, form and of course a form of mental meditation.

Did you know that kettlebells have an anatomy, a terminology of movements and holding positions.

And yes, they are supper effective and fun!

Some other very specific kettlebell benefits?

Performance enhancement: a solid exercise program with a kettlebell is meant to improve your ability in a specific sport.
Injury prevention: as you train, work out, or exercise (all interchangeable terms), you are fortifying and balancing your body. Correct exercise should never lead to injury.

Why Modern People Need Kettlebells

In the 1900s, people worldwide were active between six and ten hours a day. Today, most of us make our livings with our minds instead of our bodies. We drive to work, we drive to run errands, and we often drive to our weekend outings. We sit all day at work, and we also commonly entertain ourselves by sitting. It seems natural, but it’s not. Our bodies are designed to move. In truth, the more we stay static, the more we are hurting ourselves, becoming sedentary, weak, out-of- shape, uncoordinated, and fat individuals.
Our bodies are made and designed to move. To push, pull, crawl, walk, jump, squat, hinge, throw, turn, twist, stretch, kick, run, hop, roll . . . we are made for this—but when was the last time you did any of those things? (Be honest!)
A survey by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health revealed that adults spend an average of approximately fifty-five hours a week sitting in a chair, whether they’re watching television, using a computer or tablet, driving, or reading.
Worse still, women are often more sedentary than men because they tend to hold less physically active jobs than men do. It’s also common for women to spend less of their leisure time playing sports, especially when they get older. Having said that, to succeed, you need an approach that’s built around the modern lifestyle; you also need a result-proven approach, one that works with time constraints and your individual needs. The moral of the story here is simple . . . for all of the reasons just listed and for all of your own personal goals, you have no right not to train your body. You have no right not to move your body and explore all of its amazing potential. Your body, if you let it, is truly limitless. Set it free!

The Kettlebell Is One Of The Very Best Ways To Battle The Modern Epidemic

According to a 2010 American Council of Exercise study, twenty minutes of kettlebell exercise burned an average of 272 calories. That’s expending a phenome- nal 20.2 calories per minute, the equivalent of running a mile in six minutes.
It’s simple; kettlebell exercises burn more calories in less time compared to more traditional workout regimens. One of the reasons is that training with a kettlebell requires you to engage multiple muscle groups. Kettlebells also can be used in unique motions that are classified as ballistic, meaning they are of a higher intensity than other weight-lifting motions (known as grinds, which will be explained in chap- ter 2) and can produce the same effect on the body as sprinting, running, or jump- ing (but with far less impact on the body and joints—when executed correctly).
The kettlebell is able to train and engage the posterior chain like no other kind of workout. The posterior chain is a group of muscles including the glutes (buttocks) and hamstrings that are commonly inhibited when sitting. As we stand and begin to do exercise, the muscles do not fire (work/engage) correctly during actions like squatting, lunging, running, or simply walking up the stairs. Only when you exe- cute the kettlebell swing correctly—using only the posterior chain (as we will show you in chapter 4)—do the forgotten and inactive muscles have to fire and reacti- vate! This is truly vital to the balance of your body and its kinetic chain. It is also very important for anyone looking to improve sports performance, including faster and more efficient runs. This helps avoid knee overuse due to muscle imbalances, and for all those women sick of bulky thighs and the lack of a shapely behind, posterior chain motion like the kettlebell swing will engage the muscles in the backside, teaching them to work during other motions like the squat or lunge, and helping to get more shape and less quad (front of the leg) bulk.

Why else do you think we love the kettlebell so much?

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