6 Steps to Lasting Weight-Loss Success KB Canada

You know this: Your body has amazing potential.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are seeing the incredible results from the KB Online Training Community. You are probably feeling even calmer and more confident with your choices and your overall weight-loss, fitness and health path. I also have no doubt that if you add a real fitness program to your KB Online Training Community you will see even greater results. You will not only double your results, but a great fitness program can help you get pain free, strong and super lean. If you want, check out our Kettlebell Kickboxing Programs .

This week, to help you further along on your journey, and keep you on track I have included my 6 Steps To Lasting Weight-Loss (and beyond) list below. Using the following six tactics helped me reach my goals, and reach beyond them (I lost almost 40 pounds, and the 6 strategies below greatly helped me get and keep that weight off)…

6 Steps To Help You Succeed In Your Goals Weight-loss, health, wellness and beyond!

Strategy #1: Only worry about the things that you can control.
Adjust your standards. You can not control every waking moment of your life. Invest your time into the areas of your life that you can control; staying active, eating clean, moving and placing your energy in things that matter most.

Strategy #2: Set performance goals, not outcome goals.
What you expect from yourself matters- I say that all the time. When I first wanted to lose weight I realized that my success greatly depended on what I truly expect from myself. However I also realized that expecting something too soon, and demanding instant success can be a major problem, one some people never recover from. So I advise you to set mini goals (measurable and simple, daily and weekly). Have those goals be the stepping stones to your major goal.

Strategy #3: You Become Who You Hang Around
Surround yourself with people who are better than you- that’s a rule. Surround yourself with people who work harder and who have more dedication then you.. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Read about, follow, engage with people that inspire you. If you are always surrounded by those you are better than, there will be no motivation to improve, no reference point. Find people who challenge you, motivate you, and help push you to become better.

Strategy #4: Set & Always Re-set Standards
Ever heard a person say; I just beat my personal best. I just crushed my record. That is a personal goal- and it is important that you set those for yourself in every aspect of your life. Fitness included. Do not just set goal weight. Set goals for the number of push-ups you can do in one minute, the number of swings, the length of your plank hold, the weight of the kettlebell. Set and reach and re-adjustt your personal goals constantly! It will make you better and help you reach greater results.

Strategy #5: Visualize
Using Imagery (also known as mental rehearsal or visualization) is simple and effective. You can do this in your practice or in your time off. Take the goal list and imagine yourself when those areas of your life have been accomplished. Use your day dreaming as a mental exercise to visualizing yourself doing a motion, completing a task, reaching a goal or simply taking a new risk. Visually commit yourself to your accomplishments.

Strategy #6: Always follow a fitness 7 nutrition program – try one here, KB Online Training Community
(that fits your life)

If you are not following a program you are not reaching your full potential. Think about it; every athlete, fitness model and honestly every person that has succeeded in weight-loss, fitness and health follows a program. Random workouts, random workout schedules, scattered active days and diets that don’t fit your lifestyle or your workouts will leave you stressed, frustrated and even if you lose some weight- your body will continue to flip-flop back and forth. Just like you are following the 7DL nutrition plan, you might want to consider the KB Online Training Community to add on a fitness program (both tailor made to go with your KB Online Training Community).

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