Is Your Workout Working?


You can exercise and diet without getting lasting results. Many people who go to fitness classes, the gym, or work out at home are not getting any ideal or lasting benefits from the time they are spending.


Are you in pain when you workout? How long have you been working out? Have you seen results? Real results include lean, strong, flexible, mobile muscles, as well as energy and overall health. Are you able to show off your hard work on the beach or in a great pair of jeans? Are you able to move freely and without limitations? If you answered “not really” or “not exactly,” then you have an indication that your efforts are not transferring into the full rewards of exercise.

Let’s start with the basics. Instead of just looking at body fat, let’s evaluate your entire body: from your body composition to your muscle imbalances, plus your energy levels and internal health.

Take a look at the first chart provided and identify the areas where you feel your body is asking for help. * If you identified 2 or more areas of the body, it is crucial to reevaluate your training routine —or lack thereof.


What muscles/areas of the body do you identify as your weakest links?

The relationship between your muscles matters! When one muscle is stronger than its opposing muscle, you have an imbalance. For example if you do push-ups daily, but never do rows, pull-ups, or other upper body pulling movements, there’s a good chance your chest is stronger than your back. The resulting strength imbalance can cause shoulder injury, back pain, neck pain, lack of strength, and even headaches!

Muscle Imbalance can cause knee pain and injury, back pain, headaches, instability, a lack of performance, and a lack of overall athleticism. These imbalances can also make you more susceptible to injury when you participate in recreational sports like skiing, surfing, jogging, basketball,

and running.

• The KB Body, KB Scorcher and 7 Day Lean Series and programs work to activate both the Posterior and Anterior Chain evenly.

• KB trademark motions work on balance, agility, stability, strength, joint mobility, metabolic conditioning, reaction, and flexibility.

• Locomotion (correct movement)
that is safe for your knees with limited
impact and limitless cardio is a staple in every session.

• Stabilizers: KB trademark motions are focused on balancing your body, activating (“firing up”) inactive muscles, and reaching all the smaller muscles in your body.

• Programing is KEY! Overtraining or stacking your workouts incorrectly can lead to a decrease in results and a spike in fat storage. The KB Body and Scorcher Series have the program planned for you.

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