Mastering The Kettlebell Windmill


*We have pictured two stance options. The one with the foot facing forward is more advanced, as pictured first:

  • Bring the kettlebell overhead in the racked grip with the right arm.
  • Rotate both of your feet 45 degrees to the right (away from the arm).
  • Keep your eyes on the kettlebell the entire time.
  • Push the hip out to the left, under the supporting hand.
  • Keep both knees softly straight.
  • Fold at the waist and lower the torso down while keeping the kettlebell vertical overhead, with your eyes never leaving the kettlebell.
  • Lower down as far as you can; it is not necessary to touch the floor.
  • Extend your left arm down in front of the left leg, naturally and with the palm facing out. Switch sides as your workout calls for.

    other wIndmIll optIons InClUde:

    • Anchoring the lower arm with a kettlebell (but keeping an eye overhead the entire time)
    • Bending the elbow of the arm that does not have a kettle- bell behind the back
    • Performing the same exact motion for a stretch and not holding any kettlebells

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