Everything You Need To Workout At Home

Maybe you’re a homeody and maybe you aren’t – but everyone of us has had that moment when we want to stay in (maybe even for an entire weekend). But we still have goals and things we want to do, like workout.
The comfort of your apartment or home is a big thing, and after a long day working or running errands and doing a million things, it is often a safe place to relax and feel like yourself again.

And when you’re tired or simply need a break from being around people all day going to the gym or your fav fitness class (Kettlebell Kickboxing has Certified Instructors all over Canada), it’s just nice to go home and chill out.

But even though it’s so tempting to head right home and put on my favorite show, we need to make time to work out and stay focused on our program and our goals.

So, what do you need for a ‘one stop’ home gym?
Actually not much, and not even much space;

1. A kettlebell!
This is a one stop tools that will help you get the very most out of your workout.
Dis you know that a 5 sets of 1min swings can serve as a 1 mile run!
I KNOW!!!!

What size? (checkout this post here — and look at the kettlebell weight you need)

2. A mat, mats are great because they serve as that safe place for strength training, stretching and even mediation. They also help you establish your training raes in a small room. You’ll need one if you are doing our KB workouts at home.

3. A great – solid training program,

Luckily we have 4 for you to pick from!

  1. Scorcher Series
  3. KB Body

Plus, get any of our home fitness programs and receive

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