3 Strategies For Lasting Success, In Fitness and In Life

Strategies for Success

Strategy #1: rethink Your Standards

Adjust your standards and adjust your role models. Don’t look to your friends and coworkers and people just like you when determining your standards. Look to people who are highly successful at what they do. Do not talk to your best friend about what she did at the gym; look at the girl doing push-ups instead (unless,

of course, your best friend is the one doing those push-ups!). Read stories about athletes. Read biographies of incredible human beings. Aspire to be like your favorite athlete. Look to someone who is successful to be a role model. Set your standards higher than your local peer group. Think you can’t “do that”? Be un- reasonable. Be crazy. Aim beyond your own expectations! Why not? What do you have to lose—and what could you gain?

Strategy #2: Fake It—Till You Become It!

The second strategy is to fake it. When trying to help yourself overcome self- imposed limitations, trickery may be the best tool. Tell yourself, “I have time” (even if you don’t). “I have energy,” even if you feel tired. “I have will,” even if you feel like you don’t. “I have strength and ability and power and I will suc- ceed.” FAKE IT till you BECOME IT! That’s what all the greatest people do; I do it every single day—join the club!

Strategy #3: You Become Who You hang Around

Surround yourself with people who are better than you—that’s a rule. Surround yourself with people who work harder and who have more dedication than you do. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Read about, follow, and engage with people who inspire you. At the same time, cut the people, shows, hobbies, and routines that hold you back—trust me, it will feel amazing after you do it. If you are always surrounded by those you are better than, there will be

no motivation to improve, no reference point. You will become stagnant. You’ll set lower goals for yourself and you’ll find yourself limited. Find people who challenge you, motivate you, and help push you to become better. Condition yourself to be better!

Strategy #4: Workout! It brings clarity, energy, positivity and longevity.

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