Getting Certified By Steve Maxwell, One of the Original MKC and RKC Kettlebell Certification founders

Getting Privately Certified By Steve Maxwell, One of the Original MKC and RKC Kettlebell Certification Founders in New York City

I woke up this morning to sunshine, nerves & gratefulness. I got to spend the afternoon training one on one with Steve Maxwell, the creator of the famed Maxwell training system and the Maxwell MKC Kettlebell Certification as well as one of the original founders of RKC – The Russian Kettlebell Challenge.

I sit here after the certification still in awe. What an honour it was to train with the man who introduced kettlebells to North America and who has continued to expand that knowledge for over fifty years.



My journey has brought me here… I take a minute to pause and take it all in. Steve Maxwell’s innovative ideas and training techniques will be with me forever. He teaches in such a way that makes you pause and think – that’s amazing. Elated to share my passion and new knowledge with Canada through Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada. I believe that a person should always strive to keep learning as it always you to continually grow. What an absolute honour to learn from the Kettlebell master himself . 🙏🏻

And, now, I can’t wait to pass all of that knowledge onto you through our Kettlebell Kickboxing KBIA and Kettlebell KBI Certifications; complete for personal trainers, fitness and kettlebell enthusiasts and especially group fitness trainers and gyms looking to innovate and enhance their teaching and their programs.

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My MKC Certification Journey,


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