Forming Good Habits For Lasting Success

Forming habits is the key to your success! You can have the best intentions and the greatest goals and dreams, but if you don’t establish good habits, then none of these things will matter. I have a basic saying, and I believe in it: Good habits can make us great. Poor habits can break us down.

The good news? Studies show that human nature loves habit. If you give yourself the chance, your body will embrace your new routine. If you give yourself the chance, your mind will be less stressed about “getting things done,” “getting your workout in,” and “eating healthy.” Why? Because these practices will become habitual. You won’t think about them, and you’ll have more time for real things, like family, friends, work, and hobbies. Plus, much of what you learned through the Kettlebell Kickboxing program will also apply to other aspects of your life!

Here’s how

1. Identify your bad habits. (We all have them.) Figure out what it is you want to change. Identify it, write it down, and hold yourself accountable. Realize that this is you today, but tomorrow you can do and change any- thing you want!

2. Decide to change these things. Identifying and making a decision are two separate things. It only takes twenty-five days to establish a good habit, and that’s no time at all considering the full course of your life, health, and happi- ness. Go for it! Let’s decide to change some things.

3. Create a path to change. Read on to help you figure out the processes you need to create to help you achieve your full potential.
4. Follow through for twenty-five days, and it becomes your new habit! Just remember the habits you will have formed once you have followed this pro- gram for twenty-five days. You will have made and seen changes in your body you never thought possible! Today is day one.

5. Let’s create a path to change. Trick yourself. If you want to watch less tele- vision and read more, studies have shown that the best way to accomplish this is by hiding the remote control and placing a book on your coffee table instead. The idea is simple: make things easy and accessible. How? For ex- ample, if you want to learn to speak Japanese, you may choose to erase all of the music on your phone playlist and download Japanese 101 to listen to during your daily commute instead. You just made learning Japanese much simpler.

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