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My Story

A blue eyed farm girl grows up on the prairies in Southern Saskatchewan. I was always active, probably more tomboy than a girlie girl. Loved spending time outside and riding in the tractor with my dad making him drink pretend cups of tea over and over again. I cherish the time looking back the I had as a kid living in the country with my family who loved living off the land- teaching me the importance of the simple ways of life and how to always be kind generous to others.
As I got older I came very involved in sports and dancing. My first job was at our local pool which allowed me to move out on my own every summer for 2 months which was my first taste of independence.
After graduating I went off to University still driving to a couple small towns where I had taken the role of a dance instructor of tap, jazz and ballet. I ran my own dance business throughout getting my bachelor degree in Physical Activity Studies – majoring in Fitness and Lifestyle. Teaching has always been part of my journey. I continued to teach dance right up until I had my second child. She had major health issues her first year and this is where I decided to be a full time stay at home mom. I think so many factors lead us to important roles in our life. I was fortunate to stay home and raise my 3 beautiful children. Then as life sometimes does,it throws you curve balls- changes in directions. Being a single was not something I had wanted for myself or for my children- but my journey had brought me here. My journey of huge personal growth and the opportunity to show my children what it looked like to start a career after being a stay at home mom. Showing them to follow and dream and to do it with dedication and determination.

My Kettlebell Story
I was a full time mom who had lived for her children and now they were gone half time. I needed for the first time to search for something for me. The more I searched I found the more lost I had become. So one day I just decided to just BE. Be whatever I was but simply be happy. I started training more. I had always trained but I was more serious about it. I started swinging a kettlebell with a good friend that I had reconnected with who I went to university with. While I was being I was finding that I really enjoyed swinging this cast iron kettlebell. Then one day while I was still being…. I went to a kickboxing fit class with my best friend. I enjoyed it so much that I enrolled my 2 girls into the kids class. We began going to Siam now 4 times a week, the people here were amazing and it became our new family and my introduction to martial arts.

I was now taking some muay thai classes and taking more kettlebell classes. I decided after some time that I should get certified in kettlebell. I was certified in December 2017 by Chi Chi Health and Fitness. Ron Gonzoles was always pushing me a long to be better. His dedication pushed me to try harder. He got me in contact with Victory Gym – another amazing person – martial artist!

As I was finishing my cert I came across Kettlebell Kickboxing on Instagram. The cofounder the person on the instragram was Dasha Libin Anderson. I immediately loved her vibe and her passion for kettlebell and marital arts. I am a big believer that the paths that are meant to cross will cross. I one day thought I would love to get certified by her. So I reached out to her and she responded immediatetly . On our 3 or 4 th email in I asked her if she would consider training me to train trainers across Canada for her- saying I would like to think Big! She agreed to certify me and that we would further our discussions after I arrived in New York! Soooo…… here is my situation- recently certified here in my city but I felt a pull to get certified in New York . Some people thought I may have lost my mind but my gut told me it was the right thing- so I thought here is an opportunity to show my kids how to go after what they want… walk the walk kind of thing!

New York
I choose to do this trip alone…. I wanted to grow as an individual and what a better way than alone. Don’t get me wrong I had great people a text away always supporting me☺ I arrived to Andersons Martial Arts Academy once again to a group of welcoming people. Dasha was a great mentor and I was honored and grateful to have made the trip! My 6 days in New York was amazing. I got certified in Kettlebell Kickboxing Master Level (which would allow me to go back home and certify others) I trained muay thai and my first weapons class- I felt so intrigued by the martial arts and was so grateful to be allowed to train as much as possible. I had met such great people who saw life so largely. My perspective had been broaden for sure. I felt happily exhausted getting on that plane to go back home. I had accomplished my goal and felt like I was ready for my next chapter. Little did I know that that chapter was just the beginning. As I went back to New York in July there was a bigger opportunity- Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada.
I would have to say in my story in the chapter that I am in right now… one of the most amazing parts is showing my children my journey – taking them through it. My life has become about personal growth and learning to take care of myself so that I can undoubtable take better care of others. I have always wanted to teach now I can teach my passion and help others along their journey. If I was ever asked to give advice I think it would be this:

If you are lost stop searching and Just Be. Listen to the whisper within you that tells you what feels right. Grow your inner strength as it will carry you forward and make you strong on the outside and Dream Big!

XoKb – Jodi

and so, KB Canada Community, I really look forward to sharing this journey with you!
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