Are You Switching Up Your Workouts Too Much Canada?

Working out is now ‘in style’ and while thats a pretty great thing, it can get more confusing then ever to identify what you need!

With endless ways to get physical, is your best bet to constantly mix it up?

It does make fitness more to have a variety of options, and different styles of teaching and training to choose from. Many Kettlebell Kickboxing KBIA Certified instructors are also certified in other methods like dance and suspension training, Pilates, Yoga and so much more. And for the person looking to try a Kettlebell Kickboxing class a group environment also lets you feed off other peoples energy.

Working out with a variety of tools and equipment options is also more accessible and affordable then ever. Whether you’re signing up for boutique fitness at a discounted rate or following workouts online, working with kettlebells or trying a crazy new dance class you have your choices played out in front of you.

But, if you want results, switching too much and to committing can actually waste your time and hinder the great potential for your weight-loss, strength, muscle sculpting and mobility results.

The Cons of Mixing Too Much

Getting fitter, faster, stronger all comes down to one key element: following a program that progressively builds and tests your strength. That means continuously challenging your body to do more than it could do previously in a systemized way. And often doing the same thing over and over.

Going to a variety of different studios or classes can truly hurt your ability to gain any momentum or real and measurable training effect that comes with building on an actual, progressive training program.

Your Ideal Workout Program

1. you should have a program to your needs

2. there should be progression

3. your workout should be measurable

4. even one session with a skilled fitness professional can help you figure out what you need to strengthen and stretch and reach every goal

5. But for those who can’t see a trainer one-on-one

6. home and gym fitness can also be achieved with our home fitness programs, which have been helping people reach your goals with minimal equipment, from anywhere

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